1. Hair accessories will never ever get old. Plus, they will instantly elevate the look of any bun from basic to badass. Take Issa Rae’s Black Panther movie premiere look for inspo. Start by using a rattail comb like this from Pintail ($5) and creating three parts in the center of your head. 

2. Next, braid three tiny cornrows, stopping at the crown of your head or wherever you want your bun to land. 

3. Using an elastic band, pull your hair and the ends of your three braids back into a ponytail. 

4. Take your ponytail and braid it. 

5. Next, wrap your braid around in circular motions to create a braided topknot. Use a second elastic band to secure your braid in place. 

6. Take a bobby pin and use a hair accessory like these beads ($10) to pin right at the front of your bun. 

7. Place gold cuffs throughout your braid for added pizzazz. 


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