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Saturday , November 17 2018
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10 Things Top Makeup Artists Want for Christmas

While you might think beauty editors get their fix the other 364 days of the year, we’d still be ecstatic to find out that Santa brought us beauty products on Christmas morning. Makeup, skincare, hair tools—we’ll take it all with open arms. Another group who doesn’t tire of this category of presents? Makeup artists. They live and breathe beauty too, so to any gift purchased at Sephora, they say, “Bring it on.”

Since makeup artists are attuned to the best products on the market, we asked to take a peek at their Christmas wish lists. Surprisingly, though, only two makeup products were mentioned. Below, check out the beauty buys makeup artists are hoping to find under their trees this year. 

“I would like to receive for Christmas is a Triple Crown Facial with Joanna Vargas. It is always so nice to be treated to a beautiful skin treatment. This treatment reenergizes collagen cells to tighten, tone, and sculpt the face.” — Tobi Henney
“On my Christmas wish list are Glamglow masks. Not only are they effective, but the packaging is beautiful and makes unwrapping much more exciting.” —Ernesto Casillas
“The beauty/wellness gift I would want this year is for sure a bottle of my new favorite skincare product, Vitner’s Daughter serum. One bottle contains 22 active botanicals that radically improve tone texture and vitality of the skin. It is legit liquid gold for the face! They also share 2% of every purchase with charities dedicated to protecting, educating, and empowering woman and children around the world—win-win!!” — Courtney Hart
“I also want a pass for unlimited rides at my favorite Spin/cycle studio. Working out has not only made me feel better in my clothes but has also made my face feel younger and more vibrant. Cardio exercise increases blood flow and oxygen levels to your whole body—including your skin.” — Hart
“I want new Rimowa luggage for my makeup kit. With all the traveling I do for work, the luggage is indestructible!” — Daniel Martin
“I would want a series of massages from The Now Spa in Santa Monica. As makeup artists, we get so many beauty products, which is a massive perk of the job, but we almost ever carve out time for self-care.” — Fiona Stiles
“This device is amazing. Results are visible after one or two uses, it’s small and light enough to pack and travel with. It’s easy to use. It’s especially effective around eyes and mouth.” — STATE artist Barbara Redman
“I can’t live without my glow powder, and during the holidays everyone could do with a bit of collagen boost!” — STATE makeup artist Stephanie G.M
“If Santa was passing by the CoverFX drops section and has a bit space in his gift bag, I would be more than happy to get few of those. They give a beautiful glow without showing product on your skin. It can be mixed with foundation, used itself, or go on the top of makeup. Also it can be your fresh eye-makeup look.” — STATE artist Aga Jakubowski
“Another thing I would love to get is Pat McGrath’s new eye shadow palettes and her lip pigments. Such a beautiful addition to your everyday but edgy glamour, Christmas, and NYE look. You can create magic with her makeup.” — Jakubowski

What do you want for Christmas? Please tell us in the comments!

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