Layers have had a roller coaster of a reputation over the years. When The Rachel—which Friends actress Jennifer Aniston made famous in the mid-1990s—took center stage, layers were all the rage. That piecey, face-framing style was all anyone wanted. Then, as tends to happen, the pendulum swung in the other direction and the style began to look dated. The early 2000s were mostly filled with straight, mono-length hair. Now, with modern techniques and a renewed love for natural texture, layers are back, and we’re thinking they’ll be around for good. 

With that in mind, we took to Instagram to find our favorite celebrity hairstylists’ most enviable images of short, layered haircuts. They can beef up a style for those with thin hair, add body to straight pieces, and even up the depth and volume for natural curls. The dimension they create with highlighted hair is nothing short of stunning. See below for some inspiration to take with you to the salon.


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