If you’re like us, thought of the impending holiday gifting season presents a double-edged sword of sorts. On the one hand, there’s nothing we love more than searching our favorite beauty and wellness brands high and low for their most extra and lust-worthy of beauty offerings. But on the other hand, our list of all-time favorite brands and products is sky-high in volume. Therefore, conducting a thorough investigation (and then crafting an even more thorough shopping list) can feel daunting AF. (Just us?) This year, however, we decided to hit the ground running to come up with the ultimate holiday gift guide for 2018 sooner rather than later. And yes, it’s finally here.

Featuring beauty and wellness fodder that could bring even the most buttoned-up product lover to their knees, we’ve carefully combed through offering after offering with the intention to craft the seasonal shopping list of all seasonal shopping lists. And whether you’re brainstorming for hair, makeup, or wellness lovers, we totally have your back. Ready? Keep scrolling for the 19 hair, makeup, and skincare products (plus so much more) that kindly deserve a sparkling spot on every beauty-obsessed shopper’s want-list this. Oh, and we recommend grabbing something triple-shot caffeinated. You’re going to want to start your shopping efforts ASAP.


To soothe your (or a loved one’s) sweet tooth this season, look no further than these limited edition gumdrops from the CBD masters at Lord Jones. Inspired by the rich notes of stone fruit (hmm, get it?) you have your choice of Mango Chili (for some spice), Sugar Plum (for some sweet) and 20 mg of CBD per drop (for everything nice.) Plus, there are no artificial colors or flavors. 


Nothing feels more warranted than a heaping dose of calm during the craziness of the holiday season and thanks to this helpful kit from Dosist, you can finally have some relief (literally) at your fingertips. This set features the brand’s infamous pen and an olfactory candle strategically designed to settle riled nerves. The brand’s Calm formula, in particular, is extra high in anxiety-healing CBD with an accent of myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and limonene. According to the brand, the pre-filled dose pen™ offers over 200 doses (2.25mg per dose) and ensures a precise dose every time.


If you’re looking to marry a love for skincare and CBD benefit, this ultra-soothing set from celebrity esthetician Kerry Benjamin (and her covetable glow-inducing line, Stacked Skincare) is the perfect antidote. It’s especially great for those with sensitive skin and features the cult-favorite Dermaplaning tool, a nourishing hemp-infused skin solution, and an inflammation-fighting Ice Roller. 


Here at Byrdie HQ, we’re collectively obsessed with T3’s cult-classic curling iron. And now, the brand has truly outdone themselves with their limited-editon rose-toned tools—just in time for the holidays, obviously. 


We’re all for spreading holiday cheer everywhere—even down to the tips of your strands. And, the temporary hair color maestros at Overtone make it SO easy. And fun. Here, you can build your own color it which will include their beloved Daily Conditioner, Deep Treatment, and a travel-size to have in tow for Grandma’s house. 


Sprinkle or Silver—pick your poison. Nothing feels more right this time of year than an extra dose of shimmer on your strands. And, even if you’re typically allergic to all things that glitter, this new launch never feels overdone. Don’t believe us? See what happened when two of our editors tried it out for themselves last week. 


Considering it’s bountiful and luxurious offerings, $75 for this eight-piece makeup set feels almost illegal. I personally own it and have almost used every last drop of every last product. Therefore, just in time for the holidays, I’ll be re-stocking not only for myself but every other makeup-obsessed person I know too. The collection is just too, too good. 


Filled with the brand’s three most infamous and universally flattering shades, this blush and bronzing palette is a must-have for any makeup junkie. And the packaging? We’re obsessed. 


Remember what we said about shimmer? Or rather, that everything this time of year seems better with a little extra? The queen of all things that sparkle, Pat McGrath outdid herself for the holidays with this must-have set of disco-perfect lipsticks. You’ll get, and quickly fall in love with, seven different lipsticks. 

For the skincare lover…


Editorial director Faith Xue is a big lover of all the luscious skin offerings from Mamonde, and not surprisingly, they have a few extra-special surprises in tow for the upcoming holiday season. Specifically, we have our sights set on this winter-inspired threesome which has everything you need to glow all season long—no matter how cold or dry the weather gets. 


Nothing is more delicious as far as luxury skincare than La Mer, but this four-piece set is on another level entirely. In addition to the gorgeous pink and black bag, you’ll get the best of the brand’s iconic offerings like their Treatment Lotion, Lifting Contour Serum, Lifting and Firming Mask, and, of course, the Crème de la Mer. 


Indulging in a gorgeous shower or bathtime routine is the ultimate gift and something special you can gift to someone you care about—especially since it’s not something they’ll likely splurge on for themselves. This lovely set is a top pick from Faith (she has the best taste, after all) and features calming and rejuvenating elixirs with hints of zen, like a shower oil, body cream, body scrub, and foaming shower gel.


Featuring three bestsellers from covetable skincare brand, Clark’s Botanicals this in-demand holiday must-have entails a full-sized and mini helping of the fan-favorite Deep Moisture Mask alongside a miniature side of the Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream. After all, what’s a better gift than waking up dewier and prettier than you did when you tucked yourself in the night before? 

For the “things that smell good” lover…


We’re big fans of the clean, all natural fragrance and candle offerings Skylar consistently blesses us with, but if you’re someone with a taste for cinnamon and sugar, listen up. The brand’s latest, limited edition candle was voted as the winning flavor by thousands of doting fans, and features the decadent and house-warming flavor of a fresh-baked batch of cupcakes.—cinnamon-spiked and vanilla, in particular. Plus, 10% of proceeds will be donated to Step Up, a non-profit organization that offers mentorship and financial aid to help high school girls in need succeed. 


Not only is this beloved fragrance a fantastic gift in and of itself, if you head to Viktor & Rolf’s website you can add holiday-perfect customization options like unique bottle options, engravings, and chic accessory additions. 


Though this covetable new debut from Ouai isn’t officially available until November 13, the waitlist is officially open. And, we recommend adding this new addtition stat. (This scent in particular is inspired by the brand’s cult-favorite wave spray.) So, just how epic is this launch? Food for thought—the first time the Eau de Parfum launched (in rollerballs) they sold out in less than 2 days. 


There’s nothing quite like receiving Chanel during the holidays and if you know someone who’s especially fond of keeping their fingertips in mesmerizing shape, they’ll flip over this new essentials kit featuring rouge noir lacquer, hand cream, top coat, and an ultra-chic crimson clutch to match. 


For the nail aficionado who loves a little more jazz (and shine) this limited edition launch from Christian Louboutin will be a stocking-stuffer-perfect dream come true. 


Press-on nails are having a moment, so yes, please suppress that reflexive cringe thanks to your middle school drugstore-bought french tip habit. Why? Because the press-on manicure sets of 2018, are so much better—sophisticated, chic, and convenient AF. We love this snowflake-esque set from Static which is basically the Mercedes Benze of press-ons. Buy now and thank us later when you run out of time to get an actual mani before your holiday festivities. We promise, no one will know the difference. 

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