Trends come and go like clockwork. Take hair color, for instance. Each and every summer, everyone starts to focus on lightening and brightening their hair. Whether it’s blonde balayage, ombre, or a peachy pastel hue, darker brunettes are seldom included in the conversation. And that’s not fair. What if you like the bold contrast of dark hair? What if you’re naturally raven-haired and bleaching it each summer just isn’t feasible? Basically, what we’re trying to say is that dark hair rules, and it deserves more credit come summer. 

That’s all well and good, but if our short stint on the high-school debate team taught us anything, we can’t claim something without backing it up with support. That’s why we took to Instagram with a fine-tooth comb, searching through the accounts of celebrities and expert hairstylists to find our favorite examples of dark hair with highlights. Spoiler alert: we found 25 variations. Whether you prefer soft and subtle highlights or bright and beachy ones, these looks are sure to inspire you to book a mid-summer salon appointment.


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