Even though our natural inclination might want to lead us to our beds (and not the gym), getting up and moving (even if it’s just a brisk, 20-minute walk) can help ease the discomfort of bloating and help spike your digestion. That said, if you’re in want of a quick de-bloating remedy, Bebe Ding, fitness expert and co-founder of CruBox recommends completing as many rounds of these four exercises in eight minutes as possible and repeating the routine twice.

Exercise One: 30 high knees (Drive your right knee up toward your chest and switch to your left knee, one foot on the ground at a time.)

Exercise Two: 10 tuck-jumps (Kick off the ground with both feet as hard as you can simultaneously, driving both knees up toward your chest.)

Exercise Three: 20 slow ab bicycles (With your back on the ground, hands up behind your head, take your left elbow to meet your right knee in front of your chest. Switch sides slowly and make sure you extend the lower leg out fully, two inches above the ground. Switch left and right approximately every two seconds.)

Exercise Four: 20 fast ab bicycles (Speed up your bicycles, switching left and right in one second.)

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