You probably don’t need anyone to tell you why Target is so great. You’re well aware of its many strengths—its stellar home décor, it’s decidedly on-point fashion, and its general ability to gladly make you spend more than you were anticipating. But for the purposes of this story, we’re going to keep our praise to its skincare aisles. In recent years, Target’s budget-friendly beauty buys have come to rival more expensive alternatives, thanks to options that have more potent, natural, and organic ingredients.

“To be sure, many skincare products found at Target are fantastic,” agrees Beverly Hills dermatologist Jennifer Herrmann, an MD at MFC Dermatology. “You don’t need to have a bathroom or vanity full of pricey department store bottles to keep skin healthy and vibrant.” If you are going to cruise the Target aisles to stock your skincare routine, Herrmann says that the most important thing to keep in mind is your particular skin type. Look for ingredients that are best suited to those individual needs—a subject we’ll get into more below—and keep a consistent schedule.

Herrmann notes that because there are so many options to try, it’s easy to fill your shelves with an excess of products. But don’t fall for that trap. Instead, find a handful of items that you know will work for you, and stick to them. And since you’re saving money with this Target plan, Herrmann says that it’s a good idea to dedicate more funds for big-ticket items that are worth the splurge: namely, vitamin C and growth factors.

“Vitamin C is inherently unstable and easily oxidizes in air, which makes it ineffective. Companies that spend a tremendous amount on research and development take an ingredient like vitamin C and make it more stable so that it can penetrate the skin’s outer barrier. SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic is my favorite,” she says. “And growth factors that boost collagen, help tighten skin and reduce fine lines are worth the bigger price tag. DNA Regeneration Serum is skin-specific and formulated to penetrate the skin’s outer barrier.”

Read on to see what Herrmann recommends if you’re shopping for acne-prone, sensitive, and anti-aging options at Target, and enjoy making that oh-so-popular run.


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