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Tuesday , September 18 2018
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Chinese professor missing after police burst into his home during TV interview

A Chinese professor has disappeared after police barged into his home and interrupted a telephone interview he was giving to an American news organisation. Sun Wenguang was speaking to US government broadcaster Voice of America’s (VOA) Mandarin service on Wednesday night when he said half a dozen officers had gained …

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Tokyo medical university ‘changed women’s exam results’ to limit the number of female doctors

Tokyo Medical University officials allegedly tampered with female applicants’ exam results in a bid to reduce the number of women in medicine, according to reports in Japan. The university has promised to investigate after the country’s biggest daily newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun claimed scores had been changed to make sure no …

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Silence from international community as thousands sent to ‘re-education camps’ in China’s latest ‘religious extremism’ crackdown

If ethnic cleansing takes place in China and nobody is able to hear it, does it make a sound? That’s what millions of Muslims inside the People’s Republic are asking as they watch the Chinese government expand a network of internment camps and systematic human rights abuses designed to stamp …

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Human remains returned to US by North Korea ‘consistent with being Americans’

Human remains in dozens of boxes given to the US by North Korea are “consistent with being Americans”, a US scientist has said.  John Byrd, director of the laboratory working on identifying the remains, made the comments based on initial examination but said they could not quickly be identified. Mr Byrd also noted it was too …

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High-ranking Chinese monk accused of sexually harassing nuns

A high-ranking monk in China has denied allegations that he sexually harassed nuns.  China’s religious affairs administration said it would investigate claims that Xuecheng, the abbot of the well-known Longquan Temple on the outskirts of Beijing, had sent explicit text messages to nuns claiming they could be “purified” through physical contact …

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Duterte crushes £4m-worth of luxury cars and motorcycles as part of anti-corruption campaign

Rodrigo Duterte has crushed more than £4m-worth of luxury cars and motorcycles as part of an anti-corruption campaign.  The Philippines government shared footage on Facebook of heavy machinery crushing 76 smuggled cars including Porsches and Lamborghinis and bikes in front of a crowd of spectators, which included the president.  They were part of …

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