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Sunday , November 19 2017
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Fiery horned ‘goat devils’ take to the streets to ‘punish naughty children’ in terrifying Christmas tradition

It’s not even December yet and already the Christmas decorations are up and shops are filled with festive treats. But in Slovenia is an altogether different, and far more terrifying tradition. A Christmas goat-demon prowls the streets, intent on punishing naughty children. Performers dressed as devils and demons for the …

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‘Irresponsible’ aircrew draws giant penis in the sky using jet trail leaving red-faced Navy chiefs to apologise

US Navy chiefs have apologised after an aircrew drew a giant penis in the sky using a jet’s contrail. The massive phallic outline sparked intrigue when it emerged yesterday in the skies above Okanogan County in western Washington, USA. Several residents even shared pictures of the rude image on Twitter. …

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Rogue scientist attempts to make himself superhuman by editing his own DNA to get boosted strength and muscle growth

Rogue scientists are editing their own genes in a bid to make ­themselves superhuman, with boosted strength and senses. Biochemist Josiah Zayner has become the first person known to have edited his DNA with the CRISPR tool. The ex- NASA worker removed myostatin, which inhibits muscle growth, with the gene-cutting …

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Britain’s most married man hopes to woo wife number NINE with his array of celebrity impressions as offers fly in from Ghana, Vietnam and USA

Women from across the world have inundated Ron Sheppard with romantic overtures after he renewed his search for a ninth wife. Britain’s most married man admitted he could not believe the flurry of interest from as far afield as the US, Vietnam, Ghana and Australia. Ron, 69, added he will …

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People are baffled trying to tell which one of these women is the age-defying 40 year-old mum

With their identically youthful complexions, at first glance Kienya, K’Lienya and Kolieya Booker look like three peas from the same pod. There’s one small difference between them, however. Kienya, from Nova Scotia, is mum to 18-year-old K’Lienya and 16-year-old Kolieya. The thing is, from photos alone of the trio, people …

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Number of spiders we actually eat while sleeping revealed – and it’s good news for arachnophobes

Unwittingly eating spiders in your sleep is every arachnophobe’s worst nightmare. Come to think of it, even those of us who have no problem with our eight-legged chums probably aren’t overjoyed by the thought. Urban myths about the quantity of spider we’re consuming has varied over the years. Some would …

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