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Thursday , March 22 2018
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“Plonker” stopped by police had Del Boy driving licence complete with photo of Only Fools and Horses character

A “plonker” with a driving licence saying he was Del Boy from the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses wasn’t fooling anyone when he was pulled over by police. The fake licence had the name “Del Trotter” and a picture of the beloved TV character, portrayed by actor David Jason, …

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World’s first humanoid robot blames FAKE NEWS for making us fear rise of Artificial Intelligence

Sophia – the world’s first humanoid robot – claims humans only fear the rise of machines because they are reading too much fake news. Making a speech on the importance of technology while promoting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Sophia said Artificial Intelligence (AI) was actually going to make human …

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‘Time traveller from the year 2030’ reveals what happens when war erupts between North and South Korea

A ‘ time traveller from the year 2030′ has shared another chilling revelation from the ‘future’. The man who identifies himself as ‘Noah Novak’ claims he has risked his life to deliver his bizarre prophecies to those living in the present and insists he must remain anonymous. He has previously …

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