I’ve steadily rotated the same three or four foundations for years. Like, since college. I’m a creature of habit, and after having a tumultuous time finding the formulas that worked on my skin (I know I’m not the anomaly here—foundation shopping is hard with a capital H), I stubbornly stuck to what worked for my face. You know that phrase, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Yeah, that’s basically been my approach to foundation for the past six years. Of course, that becomes rather problematic when your previous life (midwest college kid) quickly shifts to several brand-new life-altering statuses (San Francisco copywriter to L.A. beauty editor) within a quick 12 months. New climates, new jobs, new product options… You’d think I would have overhauled my beauty regimen as soon as possible. But nope, my foundation MO stayed exactly the same. I’m a creature of habit, remember?

That being said, over the past year or two, I’ve found a few of my long-trusted formulas just weren’t standing up to my new California-based lifestyle. Dryness! Heat! Too many 10-hour days to count! I needed an update. But as anyone who has ever searched for a new foundation can attest, finding the right formula to substantially meet all your criteria is truly the ask of a lifetime. No, seriously—a lifetime. (My mom and the majority of my non–beauty editor friends are still on said quest.) So when managing editor Lindsey Metrus challenged me with the task of finding the best sweat-wicking, heatproof foundations for summer, you can imagine my mix of intrigue and intimidation. Alas, I was up to the challenge and immediately began reaching out to the beauty lovers and professionals I trust most for crème-de-la-crème recommendations. Weeks later, I’ve tried 15 different formulas (I know, who am I?) and have given nine my nit-picky Byrdie-editor seal of approval. From drugstore to all-natural to powder, keep scrolling for the nine best sweatproof foundations I’ve personally put to the test this summer.


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