“Your best bet for non-heat hair straightening is with Velcro or silicon rollers using a process called wet-setting,” Jordan says. After you wash your hair, towel it as dry as possible, and then apply a medium-hold mousse. She also recommends applying Davines Melu Hair Shield because it has water-wicking abilities that make it great for air-drying hair.

“Next, you’ll want to section your hair into four equal parts so you have an easier time applying the rollers,” she explains. “Using a fine-tooth comb to smooth the hair, begin wrapping a one-to-two-inch section of hair as tightly as you can around the roller. Depending on the kind of roller you’re using, you may need to secure the roll with bobby pins or roller clips. Just be sure to apply the pin or clip on the underside of the hair so you don’t end up with any visible creases,” she says. Once you’ve wrapped up all your hair, mist on a setting lotion, spray gel, or lightweight hair spray. Then, the waiting begins. No one said straight hair sans heat was quick.

“Since it can take several hours to dry, I love wet-setting before bed and wrapping a silk scarf around my curlers so they don’t move around too much or get frizzy. Bonus: You’ll feel like a 1950s movie star,” Jordan says.

Important: Wait for your hair to dry completely. Then you can remove the rollers and brush out your (straightened) hair.


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