As I said, and despite the very dramatic-sounding name, this serum doesn’t perform some kind of mystical miracle. (When it comes down to it, the dragon’s blood is just a high-quality plant extract, after all.) However, in just two weeks my skin felt softer and smoother as I applied foundation, my skin seemed to be less easily irritated (aka reddened), and the laugh lines around my mouth and the baby crow’s-feet around my eyes looked a little less pronounced—no doctor’s appointments or injections required. 

The skin’s inner structure is key to maintaining dense, elastic, and youthful skin,” the back of the bottle reads. “As we age, the structure weakens and collapses, causing the skin to become loose and thin. Costly injections temporarily improve appearance but don’t support the crucial structure itself. Recover the structure and quality of a visibly younger, healthier, and see long-term results.” 

So is this plant stem cell– and dragon’s blood–infused serum really the equivalent of an injection-rich maintenance plan? Not sure, but I’ve been impressed thus far and plan on continuing to use it every day within my routine. Stay tuned!

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