Trend-spotting is essentially the bulk of our job description, so of course, we tune in to every major award show in order to discern the next big thing in hair and makeup. Imagine us crowding over our computers, noses pressed up against the screen, trying to decide just what shade of lipstick our favorite actress or musician is wearing on the red carpet. That’s quite honestly not far off from our current situation as we watch the 2018 American Music Awards. 

The biggest names in music (and subsequently the whole of pop culture) are attending this year’s show. That includes names like J.Lo, Dua Lipa, Ciara, Taylor Swift, and more. This year, they have something in common that goes beyond just award show attendance. They’re all wearing a very similar makeup product. We’re talking about icy, silver-white highlighter placed on the inner corners of their eyes. This is a huge departure from the highlighter trend we were seeing all summer, which was all about warm, golden hues. Not only does cool-toned highlighter look bright and dramatic under camera flashes and lights, but it also gives the wearer an alert and wide-awake appearance. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite inner-eye highlights on the AMAs red carpet. Just be warned: You’ll soon forgo your go-to gold shimmers for something icier and edgier. 


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