Vice President Mike Pence addressed the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in Dallas Wednesday, praising the nearly 200-year-old denomination for its transformative spiritual impact on the nation.

“It’s hard to believe that what began more than 170 years ago in First Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia, has now become one of the greatest forces for good anywhere in America,” the vice president said.

“The Southern Baptist Convention has always strived to reach the world for Christ and so you have throughout the decades,” he continued. “I believe with all my heart that your faith has moved mountains.”

Likewise, Pence claimed the Trump administration had also moved mountains because of its relentless committment to preserve the Christian principals on which the nation was founded.

“It’s the greatest privilege of my life to serve as vice president to a president who’s working every day to renew the greatness of this country,” Pence declared.

“When you look at the progress we’ve made over the last 500 days at home and abroad – a stronger America, a stronger economy, a stronger commitment to the God-given liberties enshrined in our Constitution – I think there’s only one way you can sum up this administration: 500 days of promises made and promises kept.”

Pence also touted the president’s accomplishments abroad, most notably the historic nuclear agreement with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

“The meeting that took place was direct and honest, provocative and productive,” Pence said. “It resulted in a bold first step where North Korea’s leader committed to the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

One of the more moving moments of Pence’s address is when he recalled the night he and the president welcomed home three American prisoners released by North Korea.

“One of them pulled out of his pocket a small index card. On the front of the card it read, ‘Dear Mr. Vice President, we praise the Lord who has done great things for America and for us,” Pence recounted.

“And then I flipped over the card and on the back, they’d transcribed portion of Psalm 126: ‘When the Lord brought back the captives to Zion, we were like men who dreamed. Our mouths were filled with laughter and our tongues with songs of joy,'” he said, drawing applause from the audience.

Still, Pence made it clear that despite all the accomplishments of the past 500 days, the nation still has a lot of work to do – work that would require resolve, courage and prayer.

“While strong American leadership has accomplished much,” he said, “the effective and fervent prayers of a righteous people can availeth much more, so let’s all pray.”

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