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Friday , January 18 2019
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The Ultimate Fragrance Gift Guide

The Ultimate Fragrance Gift Guide

Take it from someone who, 28 years later, still hasn’t been able to nail down the perfect “signature scent”—finding an all encompassing, personality-fitting fragrance is extremely difficult. I’ve perused department stores several times over, sniffing each and every bottle (peppered by palette-cleansing whiffs of coffee beans and several breaks for “fresh air”), but nothing’s ever landed in a way that represents me, reincarnated as an eau de parfum. As a consolation, I’ve found blends that hit certain aspects I enjoy (musk, fig, citrus… ) and spray according to my mood du jour. Though as difficult as it’s been to please my own self with fragrance, I’m even more taken to task when sourcing a beautiful fragrance for a loved one.

But that’s the beauty of a good fragrance gift set. You don’t have to invest in a full size iteration, and many come with several different blends so you can take a few for a spin at once. There may not be a winner in the bottles you gift, but at least there’s a certain luxury with giving someone a fragrance: Each curious little glass vile and bottle houses a symphony of notes that elicit a feeling, whether it’s warmth, nostalgia, joy, (or, though preferably not, aversion) in a way that other gifts can’t. This holiday season, we’re hoping you find your giftee (or yourself) the perfect blend. Take a look at our favorite fragrance gift sets below.

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