Take it from someone who, 28 years later, still hasn’t been able to nail down the perfect “signature scent”—finding an all encompassing, personality-fitting fragrance is extremely difficult. I’ve perused department stores several times over, sniffing each and every bottle (peppered by palette-cleansing whiffs of coffee beans and several breaks for “fresh air”), but nothing’s ever landed in a way that represents me, reincarnated as an eau de parfum. As a consolation, I’ve found blends that hit certain aspects I enjoy (musk, fig, citrus… ) and spray according to my mood du jour. Though as difficult as it’s been to please my own self with fragrance, I’m even more taken to task when sourcing a beautiful fragrance for a loved one.

But that’s the beauty of a good fragrance gift set. You don’t have to invest in a full size iteration, and many come with several different blends so you can take a few for a spin at once. There may not be a winner in the bottles you gift, but at least there’s a certain luxury with giving someone a fragrance: Each curious little glass vile and bottle houses a symphony of notes that elicit a feeling, whether it’s warmth, nostalgia, joy, (or, though preferably not, aversion) in a way that other gifts can’t. This holiday season, we’re hoping you find your giftee (or yourself) the perfect blend. Take a look at our favorite fragrance gift sets below.


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