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Wednesday , September 19 2018
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The Weird Meditation Technique That Made Me Happier

Now, science doesn’t have a whole lot of support for the theory that tapping your forehead and collar bones helps cure the likes of depression and PTSD. The placebo effect is really all that’s happening here, research says.

But Jemima’s demonstration led me to believe there’s actually something more than a simple placebo at work with EFT.

First, she showed me where to gently tap: the side of the hand, the crown of the head, the eyebrow, beside one eye, under the eye, beneath the nose, the chin, the collarbone, and the upper ribs. As she did so, she let me listen in on a private mantra she might say to herself as she tapped first thing in the morning. This was Jemima’s version of “tuning in.”

Eyes closed, she whispered to herself, “You are happy, wealthy, and prosperous. Financial fortune is coming your way. At work today, everyone is going to treat you with generosity, and you’re going to make lots and lots of sales. You are radiant and full of light. Today is going to be an extraordinary day.”

Watching Jemima do this was actually quite beautiful. She told me that taking a personal breather in the morning to focus on positive hopes and expectations set the tone for the rest of her day. She said if something stressful happened to her at work, she’d excuse herself to the bathroom, do a quick round of EFT, and it helped her return to that uplifted headspace. To me, this didn’t sound like your average placebo. It sounded like mindful self-care.

Regardless of whether or not tapping truly “balances your meridians” (I think Jemima bought into this part a little more than I did), taking a moment to bring yourself out of your head and into your body and tell yourself a few kind things seemed like a legitimate form of therapy to me. Being nice to yourself. Whatever the studies said, I thought it seemed worth a try.

I thanked Jemima, swallowed another scoop of raw honey, and went on my way. The next day, I planned to try my hand at EFT.

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