If you have oily skin, then you know the drill. You apply your longest-lasting foundation, wait an hour or two, then find the nearest mirror (or front-facing camera or blank computer screen, if you’re like me) to touch up your melting makeup. I have combination skin—dry on the perimeter of my face and super oily in the center, so I know this routine well, especially in the summer when humidity rises and temperatures soar. Seriously, there have been times when I removed all traces of my makeup before lunch, just because the foundation formula I was using began to crease, smudge, and move beyond my control.

Luckily, that ever-annoying scenario can be easily prevented if you only know which foundation formulas to use. There are a few that expert makeup artists swear by for keeping oil under control, makeup in place, and shine at bay (more than a few—11 to be exact). So next time you’re applying your base makeup, reach for one of these 11 formulas, and your summer will be filled with beach walks and brunches, not finicky foundation and ceaseless makeup touch-ups. Because that’s the way summer is supposed to be, right?


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