Courtney Trop started her blog, Always Judging, on the first day of 2013 and has been a part of our daily routines ever since. Her Instagram page boasts 314,000 followers, and upon first glance, it’s easy to see why. Trop’s style is a lot of things—grunge, eclectic, trendy, colorful, and oft inspiring—but never staged. She offers an aesthetic that’s both accessible and aspirational in equal measure, wearing custom pieces and designer couture at a smoothie shop or in her bedroom. She just feels cool and, for lack of a better word that’s not a cliché, authentic. She’s one of the only influencers I feel connected to because her style is personal more than it is trendy. She doesn’t shy away from a killer beauty look, either. So it’s no wonder DKNY decided to partner up with her for its newest fragrance launch, Stories, to offer up the message behind the photographs.

We had the chance to email back and forth with Trop and find out some of her favorite things, both fragrance and otherwise. She discussed makeup, air-dried hair, and self-care, as well as naked coffee breaks and lots of yoga. So yes, she’s as cool as she seems on the internet. Below, find her most recent beauty and wellness musings.


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