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Monday , November 19 2018
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Woman arrested over ‘sex toy’ fight with boyfriend

Woman arrested over'sex toy' fight with boyfriend
She was arrested following the argument at a home in Tampa (Picture: Lindsay Clark)

A woman has been arrested after a fight broke out with her boyfriend over ‘sex toys and a laptop’, say police.

Lindsay Clark, 38, allegedly slapped her boyfriend, Chad Scerbo, across the face during the argument at a home in Palm Harbor, Tampa, Florida, on Monday November 27.

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She was charged with domestic battery.

Part of the police report — obtained by The Smoking Gun — reads: ‘Lindsay Clark did actually and intentionally strike Chad Scerbo, her boyfriend, who she has been in a relationship ongoing for more than one year.

‘Lindsay struck Chad against his will during an altercation, to-wit: Lindsay slapped Chat with an open hand on the left cheek.

Woman arrested over'sex toy' fight with boyfriend
The police affidavit outlines the charge against Clark

‘During an altercation over sex toys and a laptop, Lindsay and Chad got into a verbal argument. During that argument, Lindsay admitted to slapping chad as she was upset over what Chad had said.’

It is not known what injuries — if any — the boyfriend suffered.

The report does not outline what Scerbo allegedly said to spark Clark’s reaction.

She spent 12 hours in custody before she was released. Clark pleaded not guilty to the battery charge and the judge made no restrictions on the couple being able to see each other.

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