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Ebola: Global emergency declared by World Health Organization after deadly outbreak in central Africa

Ebola: Global emergency declared by World Health Organization after deadly outbreak in central Africa

The World Health Organisation has declared the deadly Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

A group of experts met on Wednesday to determine whether the Ebola outbreak should be declared an international emergency after the virus spread to eastern Congo’s biggest city this week. 

The committee has previously declined to make the declaration — which often brings more international attention and aid — on three occasions.

This week a preacher with Ebola was identified after arriving by bus in Goma, a city of more than 2 million people. The organisation now confirms he has died.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, chief of WHO, earlier described Ebola’s spread to Goma as a potential “game-changer.”

 “It is time for the world to take notice and redouble our efforts,” he said in a statement announcing the classification.

“We need to work together in solidarity with the DRC to end this outbreak and build a better health system” the statement continued. “Extraordinary work has been done for almost a year under the most difficult circumstances. We all owe it to these responders — coming from not just WHO but also government, partners and communities — to shoulder more of the burden.”

But Congo’s health minister, Dr Oly Ilunga, insisted the situation was “not a humanitarian crisis.”

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House to Vote on Contempt Citations for Barr and Ross Over Census Question

WASHINGTON — The House is expected to vote Wednesday evening to hold Attorney General William P. Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in criminal contempt of Congress for their refusal to turn over key documents related to the Trump administration’s attempt to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

The citations for two cabinet officials would breathe new life into a dispute that has touched all three branches of government over why exactly Trump administration officials pushed to ask census respondents if they were American citizens and what that question’s impact would be.

Democrats investigating the issue believe that the documents and testimony being shielded would confirm that the administration’s long-stated rationale for collecting the data — to better enforce the Voting Rights Act — was merely a cover for a politically motivated attempt to eliminate noncitizens from population statistics used to draw political boundaries, thereby diminishing Democratic representation.

The Supreme Court hinted at that theory last month when it rejected the administration’s stated reason for adding the question as “contrived” in the court’s ruling on a lawsuit challenging the question. And in an unusual twist, President Trump himself all but confirmed those suspicions earlier this month when he said of the citizenship question, “You need it for Congress, for districting.” Last week he announced his government would give up the effort in light of the high court’s decision.

Democrats said Wednesday that their investigation would continue regardless, in an effort to vindicate Congress’s oversight authority and potentially neuter future attempts to discourage participation by noncitizens in the census.

“That objective is still there, the president has not repudiated that objective, so getting to the bottom of that, to expose the evidence to demonstrate the true agenda of the executive is still valid,” said Representative Peter Welch, Democrat of Vermont and a member of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, which is investigating the census issue.

To that end, Wednesday’s contempt vote would formally authorize the committee to take Mr. Barr and Mr. Ross to federal court to seek judicial enforcement of subpoenas for the material in question. A lawsuit is expected in the coming weeks.

It would also level a stinging personal rebuke to Mr. Barr and Mr. Ross by formally referring them to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution. There is no real risk the department would pursue the case — Mr. Barr is the head of the Justice Department — but only once before has Congress held in contempt a sitting member of a presidential cabinet: Eric H. Holder Jr., President Barack Obama’s first attorney general.

The Justice and Commerce Departments maintain that in this case they have sought to fully cooperate within legal bounds and largely complied with the Oversight Committee’s requests. Democrats, they argue, are more interested in a political clash that can attract media attention and embarrass the administration than they are in actual fact finding — and sought to interfere in the civil litigation over the question.

Republicans have backed them up at each step, arguing Democrats are abusing oversight powers to contest a reasonable policy goal.

“The citizenship question is nothing but common sense,” said Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, the top ranking Republican on the Oversight Committee.

It is not unusual for Congresses and White Houses of opposing parties to face off over oversight demands, haggling over documents and witnesses. But there is scant precedent for the volume and intensity of the disputes between this Democratic House and Mr. Trump, whose administration has taken a dim view of Congress’s authority to compel executive branch cooperation.

The House Judiciary Committee, for instance, has been locked in a dispute with the Justice Department and White House over access to evidence underlying Robert S. Mueller III’s report on Russian election interference and access to key government officials who served as witnesses to the former special counsel. It may soon spawn additional contempt votes and court action.

And an effort by the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee to obtain Mr. Trump’s personal and business tax returns has already been redirected to federal court after the Treasury Department refused to comply with requests and subpoenas for the tax information.

Wednesday would mark the first time the House actually voted to hold a government official in contempt in one of the fights. The Judiciary Committee recommended that the House do so with Mr. Barr in the dispute over Mr. Mueller’s evidence. But the two sides struck a last-minute deal to avoid a formal contempt vote and the House merely voted to authorize court action to enforce the subpoena.

The only other direct precedent for Tuesday’s came in 2012, when Republicans then in control of the House held Mr. Holder in contempt in connection with requests for information about the botched “Fast and Furious” gun trafficking investigation. Republicans ended up suing the Obama administration in the case and ultimately prevailed, but the case took years to wind its way thought the courts and could have gone on longer if the Obama administration had continued to appeal.

The outcome in the census case could take just as long, potentially outlasting Mr. Trump’s term unless the two sides reach an agreement.

The Democrats specifically say the two cabinet secretaries “obstructed and delayed” an Oversight Committee investigation that began in January. Mr. Ross provided sworn testimony to the committee in March 2018 in which he said he had decided to add the question “solely” based on a December 2017 request from the Justice Department asking for data to better enforce the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

But documents revealed in court and evidence collected by the committee in interviews and document requests indicated that the decision may have been more complicated. The possibility of adding a citizenship question, long a dream of Republicans active in redistricting fights, was pitched to the Trump campaign, the evidence showed, and was discussed by White House officials in early 2017. Mr. Ross himself sought to add a citizenship question before the Justice Department request and personally sought out its assistance in September 2017.

When Representative Elijah E. Cummings of Maryland, the Oversight Committee chairman, issued subpoenas for documents related to departmental decision making, neither the Justice Department nor the Commerce Department fully complied, he said, producing records that were heavily blacked out or already public.

The debate over the citizenship question is not an academic one. Government experts have estimated that asking respondents their citizenship status would scare many immigrants away from responding to the census, which counts all people living in the United States, not just citizens. It could ultimately result in an undercount of about 6.5 million people, they say.

States rely on raw population data, rather than eligible voters, to draw House districts and access federal social welfare programs. Democrats were fearful that a significant undercount could reduce their representation and affect how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal spending were distributed.

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Lafiya Dole gets new commander as Nigerian Air Force redeploys senior officers in fresh shakeup

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has appointed new Branch Chiefs, redeployed two Air Officers Commanding (AOCs) and other senior officers.

The NAF Director of Public Relations and Information, Ibikunle Daramola, an air commodore, announced this in a statement on Wednesday in Abuja.

Mr Daramola described the appointment and redeployment as routine exercise aimed at ensuring operational efficiency and effectiveness.

He named the newly appointed branch chiefs as erstwhile Air Officer Commanding (AOC), Special Operations Command (SOC), Napoleon Bali, an air vice marshal, who is now the Chief of Policy and Plans (COPP) NAF Headquarters.

According to him, Paul Dimfwina, an air vice marshal, is now the Chief of Communication Information Systems (CCIS), HQ NAF.

“The new AOCs include the former Commander Air Task Force (ATF), Operation Lafiya Dole, AVM James Gwani who has been moved to SOC, Bauchi as AOC and AVM Charles Ohwo appointed as AOC Tactical Air Command (TAC), Makurdi.

Also redeployed are John Baba, an air vice marshal, as Chairman Air Expo and International Liaison Secretariat, Idi Lubo, an air vice marshal, Director of Operations at NAF headquarters, Christopher Umolu, an air vice marshal, Coordinator Project Implementation and Monitoring Team HQ NAF and Maxwell Nnaji, an air vice marshal, Director of Safety Manual, Defence Headquarters.

The spokesman said Precious Amadi, an air commodore, is now the Commander ATF Operation Lafiya Dole.

All the appointments will take effect from July 19.



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Sudan’s military and protesters sign power-sharing accord after 30 years of autocracy

Sudan’s military and protesters sign power-sharing accord after 30 years of autocracy

Sudan’s ruling military council and an opposition alliance of protesters signed a political accord on Wednesday as part of a power-sharing deal aimed at leading the country to democracy following three decades of autocratic rule.

The agreement, which ended days of speculation about whether a deal announced earlier this month would hold, was initialled in Khartoum in the presence of African mediators following a night of talks to iron out some details of the agreement.

Sudan’s stability is crucial for the security of a volatile region stretching from the Horn of Africa to Libya that is riven by conflict and power struggles.

The deal is meant to pave the way to a political transition after military leaders ousted former President Omar al-Bashir in April following weeks of protests against his rule.

At least 128 people were killed during a crackdown that began when security forces dispersed a protest camp outside the Defence Ministry in central Khartoum in June, according to medics linked to the opposition. The Health Ministry had put the death toll at 61.

A political standoff between Sudan’s military rulers and protesters threatened to drag the country of 40 million towards further violence before African mediators managed to bridge the gap between the two sides.

General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, the deputy head of Sudan’s Transitional Military Council, hailed the agreement as the start of a new partnership between the armed forces, including the paramilitary forces he leads, and the opposition coalition of Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC).

Ibrahim al-Amin, an FFC leader, said the accord signalled a new era of self-reliance for Sudan’s people.

“We want a stable homeland, because we have suffered a great deal,” Mr Amin said in a speech after the ceremony.

Ethiopian mediator Mahmud Dirir said Sudan, long under international isolation over the policies of Mr Bashir’s Islamist administration, needed to overcome poverty and called for the country to be taken off a US list of states that support terrorism.

The sides are still working on a constitutional declaration, which is expected to be signed on Friday.

Under the power-sharing deal reached earlier this month, the two sides agreed to share power in a sovereign council during a transitional period of just over three years.

They also agreed to form an independent government of technocrats to run the country and to launch a transparent, independent investigation into the violence.

The agreement called for a sovereign council comprised of 11 members – five officers selected by the military council, five civilians chosen by the FFC and another civilian to be agreed upon by both sides.

Civilians rushed into hospitals as Sudanese forces violently clear sit-in

The constitutional declaration will now decide the duties and responsibilities of the sovereign council.

The military was to head the council during the first 21 months of the transitional period while a civilian would head the council during the remaining 18 months.

But the agreement was thrown into doubt when new disputes surfaced last week over the military council’s demand for immunity for council members against prosecution.

The military council also demanded that the sovereign council would retain ultimate decision-making powers rather than the government.


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El agente de Modric se reúne con el AC Milan

El agente de Modric se reúne con el AC Milan

Un verano más el nombre de Luka Modric vuelve a relacionarse con Italia, más concretamente con Milán, sin embargo, esta vez podría llegar al otro club de la ciudad. Según ha revelado el periodista italiano Gianluca Di Marzio, Vlado Lemic, el representante del 10 del Real Madrid, habría tenido una reunión en Milán para hablar con los rossoneri sobre varios de los jóvenes futbolistas que representa… y sobre Luka Modric. Boban fue el que concretó la reunión.

No obstante, la operación no parece fácil. A priori, Luka Modric es intransferible y una clave en el proyecto de Zidane para la próxima temporada, pero también lo era la temporada pasada y estuvo muy cerca del Inter. Otro de los contra de esta operación es el salario. El croata recibe 12,5 millones de euros anuales por vestir la elástica de los blancos. El conjunto italiano no podría llegar a una cifra tan alta y, de irse a Milán, Modric debería aceptar rebajar sus emolumentos.

Todas estas dificultades el AC Milan estaría dispuesto a negociarlas. Quieren ver al croata como la piedra angular de su equipo, pero antes necesitan conocer la predisposición del futbolista a firmar por su club y la del Real Madrid a vender. Ya se han reunido con el agente del futbolista y tuvieron un primer contacto con el Real Madrid. La operación, si finalmente termina haciéndose, deberá cocerse a fuego lento.

Tech-U: Leading Nigeria’s Technological Devt

Toyin Falola

In a lecture titled ‘Technology, Culture and Society’, Prof. Toyin Falola charged the First Technical University, Ibadan to live up to its name by facilitating the development of the society through modern technology, and by grooming a generation of problem solvers and financially stable individuals who would compete well in globally dynamic markets. Kemi Olaitan reports

When Prof. Toyin Falola recently mounted the rostrum to deliver the first Distinguished Annual Lecture of the First Technical University (Tech-U), Ibadan, which has emerged as one of the leading universities in Nigeria, according to the latest Webometric ranking, he was on a familiar ground as he held his audience spellbound for the over one hour that the lecture lasted.

Indeed, his records speak for him, a world renowned scholar, the Ibadan-born Falola is the Jacob and Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities and University Distinguished Teaching Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and most recently the Kluge Chair of the Countries and Culture of the South, the Library of Congress in Washington DC.

A global icon in African Studies, Falola is a celebrated author, editor, writer, poet, academic leader, organiser, teacher, pan-Africanist and a visionary of extraordinary grace, talent and accomplishments. An editor of over 160 books on Africa and the African Diaspora, he has been invited to speak in all continents, and in over 60 countries, and widely proclaimed as Africa’s preeminent historian and one of the major intellectuals of our time. Many of his books have received awards, defined various fields, and inspired the writings of various critical works while he manages six distinguished scholarly monograph series and serves on the board of over 20 journals.

Present at the ceremony where the Chancellor of the university, Dr. Tunde Afolabi; the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, represented by the Deputy Governor, Rauf Olaniyan; former Governor of the state, Abiola Ajimobi, represented by Dr. Isiaka Kolawole; the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the university council, Prof. Oyewusi Ibidapo-Obe, among other scholars and dignitaries within and outside the country.

Falola in the 142-page lecture titled ‘Technology, Culture and Society’, and divided into nine parts, said beginning from the industrial revolution in the mid- nineteenth, the dependence of society on technology for political power, economics and other key factors of daily life has increased exponentially, stating that in the modern world, houses are constructed with smart features, cities with Wi-Fi and connectivity, and government with digitised facets.

While noting that technology has a profound effect on the day-to-day life, as well as the world, he said with a colossal shift coming to the arena of manufacturing most especially with the rise of accurate robotics, several jobs have become unavailable to human workers and traded in to cheaper and more efficient robotic models.

“The impact of this job loss has resulted in massive layoffs, and now more than ever before, workers are returning to their education in order to enhance their skills. Furthermore, still current students are as a consequence, encouraged so to be excellent workers to cope with the competitive job market. Accompanying the rise of manufacturing machines, an increase in artificial intelligence or AI technology can also be observed.

“These smart programmes are what constitute digital assistants and reduce the job market. By substituting machinery and technology for previously human held jobs, a cultural shift is accelerated that calls for better, smarter, more apt human workers, who are part of the education revolution. This can be seen in an abundance of statistics, such as that while in the past four year college degrees have led to several managerial level posts, in the recent years, a four year degree has proved to be the basic requirement for almost any job, instead of a high school diploma as was the case in the late 20th century. Since the decline of manufacturing and other blue collar jobs, and the popular use of automation, the landscape of employment has been impacted drastically by technology,” he said.

On the connection between technology and culture, Falola argued that it would be difficult to imagine where the world would be today without the technologies that are available at people’s fingertips, adding, “we live in a world more interconnected than ever before, no thanks to the internet and advanced technological devices.

“The notion of the world as a ‘global village’ is purely an attribute of modern technology. With the power to share anything and everything across the globe, culture and society have been fundamentally transformed by modern technology. The internet has revolutionised the way we hear news, share information, connect with others, and present ourselves. In many ways, rapidly advanced technology has positively benefitted culture and society, bridging people from different countries and languages, giving every person a platform to express their thoughts, and making information readily available and accessible.

“At the same time, with the progression of worldwide digital connection come many new challenges and problems, including the invasion of privacy, unreasonable expectations for young internet users, widespread misinformation and fake news, and de-socialisation.

“In the last decade alone, internet culture has exploded onto a global stage. According to Internet World Stats, there were about 1.5 billion internet users in the world in 2008. As of June 2018, that number has almost tripled with 4.2 billion people (55 per cent of the world population) having access to the internet. In terms of social media, as of August 2018, Facebook has 2.2 billion monthly users, YouTube has 1.9 billion, Instagram has 1 billion, and Qzone, a Chinese-based social media platform, has over half a billion active users.

“At the click of a button, we can watch a video filmed on the other side of the world, read the news in a hundred different languages, or talk to a community of strangers stationed at every corner of the globe. We choose who to trust, who to follow, and what news we read. We go beyond our own culture, our own community. We can listen to people we will never meet. In a way, we can travel the world without lifting a finger. The real question is whether the internet is our tool to connect with the world, or if it has become our world.”

He therefore stressed the need for the First Technical University, which he said is long overdue in a country as big as Nigeria, to understand the task ahead and must come to an understanding like the proverbial alms giver; its socio-cultural environment must be in good condition before it can provide needed solution to its environs.

According to him, the university, having its location in the city of Ibadan, has a responsibility to provide technological solutions to the myriad of social challenges that it is confronted with, adding that the best method to undertake the daunting task is by asking various questions that workable answers can be given to.

“As we are certain that our cultural heritage, economic outputs and social benefits are assured in a technologically-enhanced society, the university and indeed the society stand to benefit immensely from the embrace we are making with technology,” he said, stressing that the impact technology would make on the country’s path to greatness is immeasurable.

“I must concede that the offered courses in the First Technical University spell clearly their social and educational mandates and the roads to achieving these goals have been cleverly mapped out. Courses such as Mechatronics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Food Sciences and Technology, Cyber Security, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Physics with Electronics, Petroleum Engineering, Industrial Chemistry and Statistics show exclusively that the university’s planners are in tune with the educational currency of the global community and are committed to making ground-breaking accomplishments in this respect. Coupled with the fact that they are combining intelligence with skills acquisition, they are, as a result, paving ways for a generation of problem solvers and financially stable individuals who would compete well in globally dynamic markets.”

The Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Letters and Historical Society of Nigeria tasked the new government in the state and other stakeholders to see the university as theirs.

“The First Technical University belongs to you and me, to the city, to Nigeria, to Africa and to the world. It deserves our full support. Its products – students, research, patents, etc will transform this great city. Its growth will put the city and the country on the map. Its achievements in the years to come will surely produce our best minds.”

In his remarks, the Vice-Chancellor of the university, Prof. Ayobami Salami highlighted the achievements of the institution in less than two years, including featuring in the Webometric Ranking. Other achievements he said include unique entrepreneurship model; town and gown relations; unique funding model; technical vocational and entrepreneurship training; empowerment programmes and partnership with foreign universities.

The event also featured the inauguration of two units of 250-seater lecture theatres built by the representative of Governor Makinde; foundation laying of Phase one of IGR-funded Workshop/Laboratory Complex, built by the chancellor; and the exhibition of products of the entrepreneurship and vocational training by students of the university.

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‘Game of Thrones’, lead Emmy Awards nominations [FULL LIST]

HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’ and the ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ got the most nominations for the 71st annual Emmy Awards.

The nomination list which was announced on Tuesday had ‘Game of Thrones’ leading with 32 nominations in the drama category, including individual nominations for its cast and crew.

Gwendoline Christie who played Brienne of Tarth, Lena Headey who played Cersie Lannister, Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) and Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) were all nominated for supporting actress in a drama series.

Also, Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy), Nikolaj Coster-Waldeau (Jamie Lannister) and Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) were nominated for Best supporting actor in a drama series.

Other top contenders in the drama category include FX’s ‘Pose’, AMC-BBC America’s ‘Killing Eve’, HBO’s ‘Succession’ and NBC’s ‘This Is Us’ also picked up a handful of nominations.

On the comedy front, Amazon Prime’s ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ garnered 20 nominations.

The 2019 Emmy Awards will air Sept. 22.

Here are the nominees:

Drama Series
“Better Call Saul” (AMC)
“Bodyguard” (Netflix)
“Game of Thrones” (HBO)
“Killing Eve” (AMC/BBC America)
“Ozark” (Netflix)
“Pose” (FX)
“Succession” (HBO)
“This Is Us” (NBC)

Comedy Series
“Barry” (HBO)
“Fleabag” (Amazon Prime)
“The Good Place” (NBC)
“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (Amazon Prime)
“Russian Doll” (Netflix)
“Schitt’s Creek” (Pop)
“Veep” (HBO)

Limited Series
“Chernobyl” (HBO)
“Escape at Dannemora” (Showtime)
“Fosse/Verdon” (FX)
“Sharp Objects” (HBO)
“When They See Us” (Netflix)

Television Movie
“Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” (Netflix)
“Brexit” (HBO)
“Deadwood: The Movie” (HBO)
“King Lear” (Amazon Prime)
“My Dinner with Herve” (HBO)

Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Jason Bateman (“Ozark”)
Sterling K. Brown (“This Is Us”)
Kit Harington (“Game of Thrones”)
Bob Odenkirk (“Better Call Saul”)
Billy Porter (“Pose”)
Milo Ventimiglia (“This Is Us”)

Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Emilia Clarke (“Game of Thrones”)
Jodie Comer (“Killing Eve”)
Viola Davis (“How to Get Away With Murder”)
Laura Linney (“Ozark”)
Mandy Moore (“This Is Us”)
Sandra Oh (“Killing Eve”)
Robin Wright (“House of Cards”)

Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
Anthony Anderson (“Black-ish”)
Don Cheadle (“Black Monday”)
Ted Danson (“The Good Place”)
Michael Douglas (“The Kominsky Method”)
Bill Hader (“Barry”)
Eugene Levy (“Schitt’s Creek”)

Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
Christina Applegate (“Dead to Me”)
Rachel Brosnahan (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Veep”)
Natasha Lyonne (“Russian Doll”)
Catherine O’Hara (“Schitt’s Creek”)
Phoebe Waller-Bridge (“Fleabag”)

Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie
Mahershala Ali (“True Detective”)
Benicio Del Toro (“Escape at Dannemora”)
Hugh Grant (“A Very English Scandal”)
Jared Harris (“Chernobyl”)
Jharrel Jerome (“When They See Us”)
Sam Rockwell (“Fosse/Verdon”)

Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie
Amy Adams (“Sharp Objects”)
Patricia Arquette (“Escape at Dannemora”)
Aunjanue Ellis (“When They See Us”)
Joey King (“The Act”)
Niecy Nash (“When They See Us”)
Michelle Williams (“Fosse/Verdon”)

Competition Program
“The Amazing Race” (CBS)
“American Ninja Warrior” (NBC)
“Nailed It” (Netflix)
“RuPaul’s Drag Race” (VH1)
“Top Chef” (Bravo)
“The Voice” (NBC)

Variety Talk Series
“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” (Comedy Central)
“Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” (TBS)
“Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC)
“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” (HBO)
“Late Late Show with James Corden” (CBS)
“Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS)

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Gwendoline Christie (“Game of Thrones”)
Julia Garner (“Ozark”)
Lena Headey (“Game of Thrones”)
Fiona Shaw (“Killing Eve”)
Sophie Turner (“Game of Thrones”)
Maisie Williams (“Game of Thrones”)

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Alfie Allen (“Game of Thrones”)
Jonathan Banks (“Better Call Saul”)
Nikolaj Coster-Waldeau (“Game of Thrones”)
Peter Dinklage (“Game of Thrones”)
Giancarlo Esposito (“Better Call Saul”)
Michael Kelly (“House of Cards”)
Chris Sullivan (“This Is Us”)

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
Alex Borstein (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”)
Anna Chlumsky (“Veep”)
Sian Clifford (“Fleabag”)
Olivia Colman (“Fleabag”)
Betty Gilpin (“GLOW”)
Sarah Goldberg (“Barry”)
Marin Hinkle (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”)
Kate McKinnon (“Saturday Night Live”)

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Alan Arkin (“The Kominsky Method”)
Anthony Carrigan (“Barry”)
Tony Hale (“Veep”)
Stephen Root (“Barry”)
Tony Shalhoub (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”)
Henry Winkler (“Barry”)

Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie
Patricia Arquette (“The Act”)
Marsha Stephanie Blake (“When They See Us”)
Patricia Clarkson (“Sharp Objects”)
Vera Farmiga (“When They See Us”)
Margaret Qualley (“Fosse/Verdon”)
Emily Watson (“Chernobyl”)

Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie
Asante Blackk (“When They See Us”)
Paul Dano (“Escape at Dannemora”)
John Leguizamo (“When They See Us”)
Stellan Skarsgård (“Chernobyl”)
Ben Whishaw (“A Very English Scandal”)
Michael K. Williams (“When They See Us”)

Guest Actress in a Drama Series
Laverne Cox (“Orange Is the New Black”)
Cherry Jones (“The Handmaid’s Tale”)
Jessica Lange (“American Horror Story: Apocalypse”)
Phylicia Rashad (“This Is Us”)
Cicely Tyson (“How to Get Away With Murder”)
Carice van Houten (“Game of Thrones”)

Guest Actor in a Drama Series
Michael Angarano (“This Is Us”)
Ron Cephas Jones (“This Is Us”)
Michael McKean (“Better Call Saul”)
Kumail Nanjiani (“The Twilight Zone”)
Glynn Turman (“How to Get Away With Murder”)
Bradley Whitford (“The Handmaid’s Tale”)

Guest Actress in a Comedy Series
Jane Lynch (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”)
Sandra Oh (“Saturday Night Live”)
Maya Rudolph (“The Good Place”)
Kristin Scott Thomas (“Fleabag”)
Fiona Shaw (“Fleabag”)
Emma Thompson (“Saturday Night Live”)

Guest Actor in a Comedy Series
Matt Damon (“Saturday Night Live”)
Robert De Niro (“Saturday Night Live”)
Luke Kirby (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”)
Peter MacNicol (“Veep”)
John Mulaney (“Saturday Night Live”)
Adam Sandler (“Saturday Night Live”)
Rufus Sewell (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”)

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With Name-Calling and Twitter Battles, House Republican Campaign Arm Copies Trump’s Playbook

“I hope the lesson the N.R.C.C. draws from that is to not do it again,” Mr. Gallagher said.

Representative Adam Kinzinger, Republican of Illinois and another veteran, told Politico: “The president’s got his own unique style. I don’t think we need to mimic it.”

When Mr. Rooney saw the statement on Twitter, reposted by a Fox News reporter, he publicly expressed his disappointment with Mr. Emmer, calling out the committee chairman and commenting, “This isn’t you.” Mr. Pack, the chief spokesman for the committee, chimed in, “No, that’s Max Rose.”

Mr. Rooney shot back: “That’s not what I’m referring to. Maybe there’s a better conservative argument to counter his support of this legislation than calling him ‘little.’ At least that would be my advice to my 13 year old.”

The exchange is only one of the Twitter scrapes that has spilled into public view. While committee messaging is, by nature, meant to attract the attention of the news media — especially among local outlets in battleground districts — party insiders have worried they have not attracted the right kind of attention.

When Jill Burcum, an editorial writer for The Minneapolis Star Tribune and a Pulitzer Prize finalist, took issue with the committee’s depiction of Mr. Schiff as a clown, Mr. Pack responded on Twitter. Using the same motley photo, he reiterated that Mr. Schiff was a “socialist clown” and added, “Don’t let your apparent bias blind you from that fact.”

When the committee called a little-known Air Force combat veteran who is running for Ohio’s First Congressional District a “socialist loser,” it struck a nerve: A columnist for The Cincinnati Enquirer panned the attack on the veteran, Nikki Foster, who flew missions over Iraq and Afghanistan, as “G.O.P. desperation.”

“In doing so, the congressional Republicans’ fund-raising arm brought attention to a candidate no one knew about. Why even go there?” the columnist, Jason Williams, wrote.

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Man stabbed pregnant daughter to death because she married man against his wishes, reports say

Man stabbed pregnant daughter to death because she married man against his wishes, reports say

A man reportedly stabbed his pregnant daughter to death in the street because she married a man against his wishes.

The body of Meenakshi Brijesh Chaurasiya, 20, was allegedly found with her throat slit on a street in Mumbai, India, on Sunday morning. 

Rajkumar Chaurasiya, 55, was reportedly angry that his daughter had “disobeyed” him by refusing to marry the man he had chosen for her, and suspected she had become pregnant before her marriage.  

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He asked Ms Chaurasiya to meet him on the pretext of giving her some money for new clothes on Saturday night, the Indian Express reported.

Mr Chaurasiya then stabbed his daughter in the neck several times and slit her throat before fleeing.

Akhilesh Kumar Singh, a police officer investigating the murder, told the Hindustan Times that Mr Chaurasiya had arranged for his daughter to be married in March and had already sent out invitations.

However in February, Ms Chaurasiya eloped with a distant relative who lived in the same village where she grew up in the state of Uttar Pradesh.  

The following month, the couple returned to the Mumbai suburb of Ghatkopar where Brijesh Chaurasiya ran a shop.

“For Rajkumar, Meenakshi’s marriage had brought shame to his family as villagers taunted him about his daughter not obeying him,” an unidentified police officer told the Hindustan Times.

“The father also suspected that Meenakshi got pregnant before she got married, and feared that this would become a topic of gossip for the rest of their village.” 

Mr Chaurasiya reportedly confessed to killing his daughter after police found the location on his mobile phone matched Ms Chaurasiya’s on Saturday night.

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