I have a personal, committed, serious, and loving relationship with perfume. It started before I could even spell perfume. I got a glimpse of my mom’s gorgeous collection on her vanity in my early childhood. When she wasn’t paying attention or nearby, spritzing my neck and wrists with her shiny bottle of Tom Ford felt like such a treat. Fragrance is mood-boosting in many ways. In those moments, it made me feel like a lady, and today scent has such a soothing effect on me that I like to wear it to bed. 

Studies show that fragrance has the power to affect your mood, reduce stress, and relax your muscles. This the state of mind I like to be in right before I hit the sheets. When I walk into the door after very, very long days, I like to do just that: leave things at the door. As a working woman living in New York city, stress and anxiety feel impossible to escape sometimes. To relieve my thoughts, I employ self-care that makes me feel good. It goes like this: make the lighting in my apartment soft and low, light every candle I own, turn on my favorite musical melody at the moment, take a shower or bath (depending on how I’m feeling), and then spritz myself with perfume. It helps me sleep, calms my thoughts, and puts me into a more relaxed mood. I switch up the scent I wear after hours every night. I depend on sweet florals, warm vanillas, and creamy amber fragrances for my beauty sleep. Below are the ones I’m loving the most right now. 


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