We’re not sure why the high of a scent-related compliment is so entirely intoxicating. Perhaps it’s because a fragrance can so easily become inextricably linked to a certain time period, experience, or person. Or perhaps it’s just because the unique way we smell feels less obvious and intentional than, say, a bright red lipstick or shimmering highlighter (not that we don’t love being complimented on those things). Even though a quick spritz (or in this story’s case, a quick roll) can be just as easily washed off and erased as makeup, the way we smell, and another person’s appreciation for it, feels a heck of a lot more personal.

Our scent feels like an extension of both mood and persona—regardless of whether you’re the type of person to wear a singular perfume for your entire life or the kind of person to experiment with a new fragrance weekly. And for that, we’re unequivocally grateful for rollerball perfumes, an ingenious invention that allows us to wear our favorite formulas regardless of travel (they’re TSA-friendly), Saturday night rendezvous (they always fit in our tiniest clutches), or even extra-sweaty workout sessions (they’re one of our gym-bag staples).

Plus, the fact that the majority fragrances these days come in the ever-so-handy rollerball variety makes the idea of them even more winsome. Better yet, they’re significantly less stressful for our beauty budgets and allow us to play around with new notes sans the commitment of a full-size, expensive bottle. What’s not to love? In an ode to our love for rollerball perfumes in addition to some of our all-time-favorite scents, we’ve compiled a very sniffable list of the top 10 rollerball perfumes practically begging for your wrists and décolletage. Keep scrolling for the 10 that never fail to earn us scores of compliments—or distinctively scented memories.


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