5 Festival Beauty Clichés I’m Tired of Seeing

5 Festival Beauty Clichés I'm Tired of Seeing

A small little music festival called Coachella is happening next weekend, which also means that Indio, CA will once again hold the record for having the highest number of crop tops and fringe-everything in one location. By now, we all associate certain things with festival fashion (see the aforementioned trends), but festival beauty has its own set of stereotypes. For some reason, listening to your favorite bands now also requires you to do strange things like dip-dyeing your hair pastel colors or donning an Indian headdress (just…no). As someone who has been to six (!) Coachellas and fallen prey to many of these very stereotypes myself, I’ve gathered a list of ones that I think everyone should really, really leave behind, if only to save you from cringing when you look back on them years later (it’s not a good feeling, trust me). 

Though I think you should wear whatever beauty trends you want when you’re frolicking around to Ariana Grande, there are certain looks that have been so overdone that they’ve become complete and utter clichés (not to mention a little thing called cultural appropriation). But hey, feel free to take my thoughts with a grain of salt—even I admit we still have a soft spot for hair chalk. Keep scrolling for five festival beauty clichés I think we’re better off without. 


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