My shade: Light

My thoughts: “When it comes to foundation, I really like a full-coverage, not-too-matte, not-too-dewy finish. I also don’t want to spend half an hour of buffing and blending until it looks one with my skin. This cream delivers on all fronts! Unlike most mornings, it took me about one minute to apply the lightweight yet full-coverage formula, and it was so smooth and velvety, I didn’t even feel the need to use my Beautyblender or a brush to ensure perfect coverage. It was by far the quickest, most flawless foundation application I’ve ever had.

“I also appreciated how well it worked with the other makeup products I layered on top afterward. My bronzer didn’t want to catch or streak, my cream blush and highlighter melted in perfectly, and even my setting powder didn’t cause any issues. My face also felt completely bare, honestly, as if I wasn’t wearing a thing on my face. (Considering I’m often wearing my makeup from 7 a.m. to at least 8 p.m., that’s important to me!) Of course, it’s also hard to complain about the huge array of skincare perks this do-it-all CC cream boasts—from SPF 50 to niacin and hyaluronic acid. It has you covered on all fronts.

“For the most part, I really like this formula. But I haven’t found a perfect shade (I could always combine two though, I suppose), and I did feel a bit greasier and oilier by the time I got home. With my normal foundations, the finish stays iron-strong all day long, and if anything, they look better as they melt and sink into my face the remainder of the day. However, that wasn’t necessarily the case with this formula, and I definitely noticed some wear and tear by the time I looked into my vanity at 9 p.m. Overall, not bad, though! It gives a really flattering glow (especially in the hours right after you apply it), and I’m sure I’ll be keeping it in my foundation arsenal.”


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