Sure, we could pretend like we don’t carefully strategize our Instagram posts, curating various photos of our lives like a veritable highlight reel. We could. But we won’t. Like it or not, we do care about our feeds, and it’s especially exciting to upload a picture that’s met with a ton of likes. I swear there’s a connection between our serotonin levels and those times we sit back and watch the likes roll in on an especially good photo. You can judge, but I know you’ve felt it.

So I thought it helpful (and mostly just fun) to ask my fellow Byrdie editors about the stories behind their most-liked photos. Was there a particular product they used that moved the needle, a setting, or something similar? Turns out there was, and Byrdie HQ has been buzzing with Instagram secrets ever since. Below, find the Instagrams our followers have double-tapped the most and the previously undisclosed products and poses that got us there.


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