Life lesson: Being fiercely independent will take you to new heights. 

When Erin got her job at Byrdie, she moved across the country to Los Angeles, which felt completely new and fresh to her. Imagine how scary it is to go to a new city, make new friends, and start a new job. When she told me that, I wondered if I could ever do the same. Erin is a light, so of course she’s established herself there. Her independence is so inspirational. 

Beauty lesson: Extra lashes are the best lashes. 

One glance at her stunning photo above shows you her lashes are next-level. Out of all her amazing articles, I enjoy her mascara talk so much. She knows her stuff and takes pride in the lengthening process of lashes, which can feel time-consuming but worth it. Whenever it’s the weekend and I’m going all out with my lashes using several coats of mascara, I think of Erin. 


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