A “Prince of ISIS” has done what many would consider unthinkable, making a commitment to turn away from his horrifying past to unite with a new way of life through Jesus.

The former ISIS leader, whose identity is being disguised, is being called Mohammad. The miraculous circumstances that led to his transformation were reported by Dr. Michael Youssef’s Leading The Way ministry.

Since the launch of its Christian satellite TV station, THE KINGDOM SAT, Leading The Way is working to touch “some of the most unreachable lives in the Arabic world,” including people like this notorious ‘Prince of ISIS’.

Executive VP Joshua Youssef reports that a few years ago, one of his new follow-up coordinators named Peter received a call from an unknown man. 

The man pleaded with Peter to meet him.

Normally, members of the ministry would not agree to meet someone they knew nothing about, said Youssef, but Peter felt the Lord was telling him to make an exception.

The man on the other end of the phone with Peter turned out to be an ISIS spiritual leader – Mohammad. Even though he knew it was possible that Mohammad may try to kill him, Peter believed the God was leading him to go ahead with the meeting.

In a profound video testimony, Mohammad opened up about his dramatic shift from Islam to Christianity. “One day, somebody asked me why I am a Muslim,” he said. Scrambling for answers, Mohammad began to search in the Quran, Hadith, and Sunnah.

“I wanted to find proof and evidence that Allah exists and Islam is right… I found nothing,” he said. 

Still searching for the truth, Mohammad heard about this brave Christian named Peter and made an arrangement to meet with him.

During their first encounter, Peter boldly spoke the Word of Jesus over the ISIS leader and prayed with him.

The meeting did not end as expected for the men.

Mohammad became frustrated and struggled to grasp what Peter had told him about who God really is.

But then the two met for a second time. Leading The Way’s senior director of ministry outreach Maged Atalla explained what happened in the next meeting.

“The second time they met, Mohammad told Peter he had a dream and saw an envelope dripping blood with great fragrance,” according to sources in Charisma News.

Peter explained that the dream was God telling him that blood had to be shed for the forgiveness of sins.

“Peter told him, ‘Jesus is sending you a message and you need to give your life to Him.’ At that moment he surrendered his life to Jesus. Mohammed then told Peter that the first time they met he had a knife in his pocket and wanted to kill him on the spot, but something prevented him from doing this,” said Atalla.

“I’m sorry,” Mohammad said.

So, thanks to a dream from God, Mohammad’s burning life questions had now been answered and his life dramatically turned around.

After repenting, Mohammad experienced a peace he had never felt before.

“I saw a love that didn’t exist in Islam,” he said.

Because of his regular meetings with Peter, this so-called ‘Prince of ISIS’ accepted Jesus Christ into his life and began his journey as a Christian.

“The true book, in my opinion, is the Bible,” declared Mohammad. “I found the truth in Jesus Christ. And because I have surrendered my life to the Lord, I am certain He will never forsake me.”

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