In a consumer study, participants used the GloPro three times per week and reported a 97% improvement in skin’s firmness, 93% improvement in the evenness of their skin tone, and 100% felt it helped stimulate their skin’s natural collagen after just 30 days. Now, I like those odds. 

That being said, since my stretch marks are from years ago, they’re more stubborn than newly formed ones. “New stretch marks are usually red, while older ones are white,” notes NYC cosmetic dermatologist Sejal Shah, MD, FAAD, founder of SmarterSkin Dermatology. “They can both be challenging to treat, but I find that newer ones are easier. While treatment options can be very effective in some, it may not be able to completely remove them regardless of whether they are old or new.” I had to remember to keep my expectations in check. 

I began the first session after thoroughly cleansing my skin and applying one of the GlowPro prep pads. Then I applied hyaluronic acid for some extra cushion. With gentle pressure (remember this shouldn’t hurt), I rolled the derma-roller over my inner thighs about 10 times, changing direction with each pass. I continued for a minute and watched my inner thighs turn pink and flushed from the irritation. That’s normal, though. Then, I applied more hyaluronic acid serum—it’s recommended to make sure this happens within 60 seconds after use for maximum absorption—and a firming body lotion. I went to bed anxiously awaiting my results come morning. 

Once the sun rose, I hopped out of bed and inspected my stretch marks. I didn’t see any reduction of texture or color, but I did notice the skin on my thighs seemed tighter and more toned. The results looked exactly like they do when I use a derma-roller on my face—visible but not life-changing. 

As the weeks went on, I diligently kept up this practice. I rolled three times a week for two months. After the first 30 days, I started to notice a difference. The silvery-white color of the stretch marks was still there, but they were no longer raised. My thighs looked far smoother than they had since puberty. I relished in the results and kept rolling away. 

The last morning of this experiment was an exciting one. While my stretch marks are by no means gone, they are absolutely 100% visibly lighter and smoother, and the skin on my thighs is more even and tighter. I started to notice over the last few weeks that the smaller, shallower stretch marks disappeared completely, leaving only the larger, more persistent marks in their wake. It’s not as astounding a victory as the Reddit user (that was magic). But it’s pretty damn good. 


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