In a recent ABC interview, former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel said he’s doing more to address his mental health.

During a sit-down with Good Morning America that aired Monday, Manziel said he’s taking medication as a result of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder roughly a year ago. He hopes the well-rounded approach will be able to not only keep him out of trouble, but it’ll also help resurrect his football career.

“I’m working to try and make sure I don’t fall back into any type of depression, because I know where that leads me, and I know how slippery of a slope that is for me,” Manziel said.

The former Aggie standout delivered one of his first extended interviews since he left the NFL after the 2015 season. 

In 2012, Manziel became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy and led A&M to its first top-five finish in the final Associated Press poll since 1956. 

After he was selected in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft by the Cleveland Browns, he only played 15 games during his two-year stint in the league before things went further downhill. 

“I had a sense of entitlement at the age I’d accomplished it and I got so ingrained about only caring about what Johnny wanted,” Manziel told ABC. “Even when I thought I was doing what I wanted, I was miserable.”

The low point was a domestic violence charge that was eventually dismissed by a Dallas County judge as part of a plea agreement. According to ABC, Manziel said he didn’t want to talk about the charge, but he acknowledged it was a tough situation for everybody. 

“Going back throughout the last couple of years of my life,” Manziel said during the interview, “I was self-medicating with alcohol because that’s what I thought was making me happy and helped me get out of that depression to a point where I felt like I had some sense of happiness.

“But at the end of the day, you’re left staring at the ceiling by yourself and you’re back in that depression and back in that hole, that dark hole of sitting in a room by yourself, being super depressed, thinking about all the mistakes you’ve made in your life? Where did that get me? Where did that get me, except out of the NFL? Where did that get me? Disgrace?”

Manziel is currently working to resurrect his football career. He confirmed he still has an offer from the Canadian Football League’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats. 

“I don’t know what kind of comeback it’ll be, but I know that I want to get back on a football field and do what brought me so much joy in my life and makes me happy, doing (it) as my job,” Manziel told ABC. 

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