LOCKPORT. N.Y. (WIVB) – A 15-year-old Lockport High School student has been charged by New York State Police for falsely reporting an incident Friday after police say the student made a social media post falsely alleging that another student had weapons and was a threat to the school.

State Police were contacted Thursday by Lockport Police Department to assist with a possible threat of violence at Lockport High School that had been posted on social media. Investigation revealed that a 14-year-old student had made a non-threatening post on social media. During the course of investigation, a 15-year-old student made a post alleging that the 14-year-old had weapons and was a threat to the school.

The information was false, but “created perpetual rumors on social media sites that were incorrect and misleading causing alarm in the community”, police said.

No further information is being released.

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