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Newcastle star Christian Atsu on finding the man who changed his life and it being his turn to give back

Christian Atsu is recalling the random acts of kindness that changed his life.

He grew up in the village of Ada Foah, an hour up the coast from Accra, Ghana’s capital. He stood out as a potentially talented footballer playing on “pitches with no grass and lots of little rocks.”

One day, before he was due to play in a trial tournament organised by Feyenood’s West African Academy, a total stranger from Achimota in Accra, gave him a new pair of football boots.

He wore them, felt special, played well, and so began his route to the Premier League, via the Dutch club and FC Porto.

“They bought me the boots because they said I have talent and must use it,” said Atsu, at Newcastle’s training ground this week. “I’ll never forget that.

Atsu has been looking to give back

“There were people I had never met and they wanted you to do well. When people in my town saw you have talent, they sometimes gave you money to help you, or food to build you up…or give football boots.

“It is how Africa loves football. These are people you don’t know! That is how Africa is. That is the community spirit you can find.

“They see you, they feel happy, and want to help.”

Atsu was thinking about his benefactor earlier this year, after winning promotion with Newcastle and sealing a £6million permanent move from Chelsea.

Atsu brings pace and trickery to the Newcastle attack

He explained: “I wanted to find him. I set a friend off on a mission and we found. He was called Joshua. A very good man.

“He bought the boots and I never saw him again. I have been in touch and he doesn’t need anything from me or want anything, but I just wanted to say thank you.”

There is a reason why Atsu goes home every summer. This year he was laden with Newcastle United strips, boots and sweets to give to kids at an orphanage.

“I know where I came from so will always be grateful and try to give back to the community.

“I feel like everyone has to be happy and has the right to be happy. Before I reached this level I was supported. People need support in life to chase their dreams.

“In June I ordered some kit from Newcastle. I went to see the children back home, went to the school and the orphanage. They were happy to see to me.

“I believe that people don’t have ask to be in need. You have to see their need and be ready to help.

Atsu at an orphanage in his home town

Atsu says it is only right that he does his bit

“I believe these kind of children, when they live on the streets and have nothing, some can become armed robbers. To prevent these things you have to give a better education.

“I like to go every summer. We have one kid called Desmond who is in a wheelchair and we want to help him get into work.

“I give them some books and some advice. It is pretty cool and a great honour for me to do.”

Atsu lost his father aged 13, and is one of 11 siblings. Playing against Liverpool on Sunday will hold no fear, only happiness.

“When I was young I played on the street. The dream was not to make money out of it or to help my family. But as I got older I realised it could change my life and help my family.

Atsu celebrates netting against Stoke

Atsu is enjoying life on Tyneside

“I put some seriousness in it and worked harder to reach this level. I left Chelsea for Newcastle – 52,000 fans, Rafa Benitez as manager. Chelsea is big, but so is Newcastle.”

Back in Ada Foa they are now Newcasle fans and will be watching on Sunday.

He explained: “I took Newcastle strips in the summer. We played football, 11 v 11. It made everyone happy.

“Some of the kids were playing bare-foot. I organised for them to have boots and you can see them improving.”

That’s Atsu completing the circle of giving that helped him.

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‘UFO’ spotted over LA as hidden Planet X predicted to destroy Earth

Strange lights spotted in sky over LA as hidden planet is predicted to hit Earth
The UFO sighting freaked people out in Los Angeles (Picture: Twitter)

The world’s supposed to end this weekend.

Let that sink in.

The prediction that a hidden planet was meant to smash into Earth on Saturday — killing us all — was laughed at by experts.

Donkey tries to eat £220,000 McLaren supercar after mistaking it for a carrot

But that quickly turned into nervous laughter when a number of people spotted strange lights in the skies above America hours before the destruction was supposed to take place.

Freaked-out Los Angeles residents saw what they described as a UFO with a weird crescent flying over them.

People in Huntington Beach, California, witnessed it too.

One person posted on Twitter: ‘We totally just saw UFO over Los Angeles! crazy crescent wing out of light, sputtered slowly, then zoomed outta here! That was nuts.’

Others joked about it being one of Kim Jong-Un’s missiles.

Earlier this week, conspiracy theorists were lining up to warn us of hidden Planet X, which for obvious reasons was not been detected by Nasa.

Festival denies sex robot was molested so much that it was broken and ‘heavily soiled’

They claimed it was going to smash into the planet, wiping out the human race and nearly all life on Saturday.

The Nibiru theory, as it is known, is a doomsday prediction based on biblical texts which some people claim predict the end of the world.

The passage Revelation 12:1 reads: ‘A great sign appeared in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and a crown of 12 stars on her head.

‘And being with child, she cried out in her travail and was in anguish of delivery.’

Conspiracy theorist and researcher David Meade this passage is proof that none of us were going to see the sunrise on Sunday.

He claims the ‘sign appearing in heaven’ refers to the solar eclipse which took place last month, and that the recent hurricanes which have devastated the Caribbean are proof that a cosmic ballet is ushering in the end of the world.

Strange lights spotted in sky over LA as hidden planet is predicted to hit Earth

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Puerto Rico governor says relief arriving to storm-ravaged rural areas

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (Reuters) – Puerto Rico’s governor says efforts to restore cell service, gas and other basic needs to the island’s rural residents are progressing, even as many in those towns report feeling forgotten.

    “I recognize that right now, whether it’s the gas line or the ATM line, we’re limited,” Governor Ricardo Rossello told Reuters in an interview on Saturday at the Puerto Rico Convention Center, the government’s temporary headquarters. 

    “But if you see the numbers,” he said, “you see there is a steady path to improvement.” 

    More than half of Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million people lack access to drinking water 11 days after Hurricane Maria hit the U.S. territory, and 95 percent remain without power, according to the U.S. Defense Department. Some are expected to be without power for months.

    But on Saturday, Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) officials reported that a third of the island’s telecommunications network had been restored, and some 765 gas stations – well over half – had fuel, though it was not clear how much.

   Maria, the most powerful storm to strike Puerto Rico in nearly 90 years, has destroyed roads, making it difficult to get food, water and fuel around the island.

    In the rural towns of Salinas and Fajardo, the vast majority of locals reported having no cell service on Friday and Saturday, and said they had not seen local or federal officials in the area. 

    In Fajardo, some 400 people waited on line to enter a Wal-Mart store Saturday morning, while gas lines stretched more than a mile in some parts of town.

    “We haven’t seen a government official or anything, no FEMA, no military, no local government,” said Daniel Santiago, 51, of Fajardo, as he waited in line to get into a food store. 

    Rossello, though, challenged the idea that the government is failing to reach rural towns – a perception he says might be fueled by a “severe limitation with communication.” 

    “I personally went to Salinas with seven National Guard trucks full of food and water,” he said, conceding that “you can always find somebody that hasn’t received resources, and I recognize that.”

    Government response to the disaster has become a focal point in recent days, with U.S. President Donald Trump facing harsh criticism from many Puerto Ricans and leaders, including San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, for failing to deploy U.S. military resources more quickly.

    Trump fired back at Cruz in a tweet, accusing her of “poor leadership” and saying some Puerto Ricans “want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort.” 

    The tweet offended some Puerto Ricans, but Rossello refused to criticize the president.

   “My only focus right now is to make sure the people of Puerto Rico are well,” Rossello said. “I’m not paying attention to social media.” 

    Pressed on the tweet, the governor said the president’s words were not aimed at Puerto Rican citizens. “When I read that tweet … I didn’t see it as assigned to the people of Puerto Rico, I saw it as a personal difference with the mayor of San Juan.” 

    With his island still in desperate need of financial and infrastructure aid, the governor faces a balancing act in remaining on good terms with Trump, even as many of his constituents oppose him. Trump will visit the island on Tuesday.

    The governor has had his hands full since the storm, saying he slept just three hours – combined – in five days after Maria hit.

Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Arsenal transfer news: PSG offering Alexis Sanchez huge bonus

PSG offer Alexis Sanchez huge bonus to sign pre-contract agreement
Alexis Sanchez appears destined to leave Arsenal next summer (Picture: Getty)

Paris Saint-Germain are set to offer Alexis Sanchez a £10million bonus if he signs a pre-contract agreement in January, according to the Sunday Express.

Sanchez is out of contract next June and is eligible to speak to foreign clubs once the window re-opens and appears certain to quit Arsenal in the summer.

PSG offer Alexis Sanchez huge bonus to sign pre-contract agreement
Pep Guardiola still wants Alexis Sanchez despite Manchester City’s impressive start to the new season (Picture: Getty)
PSG offer Alexis Sanchez huge bonus to sign pre-contract agreement
Alexis Sanchez could link up with Neymar and Kylian Mbappe at PSG (Picture: Getty)

The Chile international came perilously close to joining Manchester City last month after Arsenal accepted a £60m offer from their Premier League rivals, only for the deal to collapse at the last minute when the Gunners were unable to persuade Thomas Lemar to join them from Monaco.

Manchester City remain in the hunt for Sanchez, despite already possessing a star-studded attack that has fired them to the top of the Premier League table, having dropped just two points from their opening seven games of the new domestic season.

PSG offer Alexis Sanchez huge bonus to sign pre-contract agreement
Arsenal wanted Thomas Lemar to join as Alexis Sanchez’s replacement (Picture: Getty)

Pep Guardiola’s side have also won both of their Champions League matches so far this term and have scored a staggering 30 goals in 10 matches in all competitions.

PSG, meanwhile, have made an equally prolific start to the new campaign having broken the world record to sign Neymar from Barcelona for £198m and will pay Monaco £165m next summer once Kylian Mpabbe’s loan turns into a permanent transfer.

Arsenal FC

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“Everything is gone, but we have our lives”: Richard Branson’s son Sam breaks down in tears as he views Hurricane Irma devastation

A heartbreaking documentary by billionaire Richard Branson’s son Sam reveals the true extent of the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma – and resilient islanders’ desperate attempts to rebuild their lives.

Sam Branson returned to Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands where he grew up to film the devastation and document how the community is pulling together to rebuild the island and their lives.

In one segment he shows how one 13-year-old girl set up a school in her home for children whose parents lost everything they owned as well as the roofs over their heads.

As he drives around the island, greeting old friends, Sam is reduced to tears on numerous occasions as he sees two pals’ houses uprooted and blown down cliffs, one man’s car on its roof, and hundreds of homes in ruins.

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Sam Branson, son of billionaire businessman Richard, returned to the island where he grew up

Homes were destroyed and two men described how their homes had blown down a cliff

The 13-year-old girl set up a school in her home and is teaching five pupils

But the people of Virgin Gorda are surprisingly optimistic, setting up a makeshift canteen in a church, beginning renovation projects and one woman telling Sam: “Everything is gone… but I have my life.”

The filmmaker admits he “can’t stop crying” as he meets a teenage girl who is teaching five students at her home.

The youngster, who admits to being a ‘school freak’, said: “I don’t really like to see kids just lingering, playing, don’t do nothing. I made it to myself that I would… do it right for each of them.”

Sam’s friend JoJo told him she had lost everything but she still has her life

A 13-year-old girl set up a school in her home where she taught five students

Sam’s friend, identified only as Gary, tells the camera he has served in Iraq and Afghanistan and said the island is like a war zone in terms of collateral damage.

He said: “It’s like a nuclear weapon has gone off.”

Everywhere Sam goes on the island he meets people whose lives are in tatters.

A woman called JoJo, who Sam says is an old friend, arrives back at the area where her home once stood for the first time as the camera crew gets there.

Forests were destroyed as well as homes and almost every tree was brought down

Sam’s friend Cilma greets him as he travels around Virgin Gorda documenting the devastation

She tells him: “This thing is total devastation. Everything is gone. My home is gone, my vehicle. I don’t even have a place to stay, nowhere to sleep. But I have my life.”

He speaks to a man who says he has lived through three hurricanes but Irma was “the most terrible one, it was never like this, this one was intense”.

Another man tearfully describes how he and his wife sheltered in a closet, desperately holding the door closed as the hurricane whipped around them.

Islanders have come together to start rebuilding their homes and their lives

The Marines helped the islanders bring supplies to a methodist church where they set up a makeshift canteen

A grandmother admits she is “ashamed” to be sharing a bedroom with her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren after losing everything – she tells Sam she doesn’t even have a pot to cook in.

She adds that her two sons, who live in America, phoned her screaming and asked: “Ma, you ok? What happened? We see on the news everybody dead.”

Fortunately she was able to tell them: “No child, we ain’t dead.”

Sam travelled around the island meeting people whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Irma

A youngster surveys the damage caused by Hurricane Irma on Virgin Gorda

Sam also hears about a couple with newborn triplets who were forced to hide in a shower when the hurricane hit. The father was cut by flying debris as he desperately tried to protect his babies and one of the youngsters suffered a cut on top of its head.

Category 5 Hurricane Irma, the strongest hurricane observed in the Atlantic since 2005, battered the Caribbean and parts of the United States, particularly Florida, for more than two weeks, from August 30 until September 16.

More than 120 people were killed as winds reached speeds of 185mph.

Details of how to donate to the British Virgin Islands Community Support Appeal, for the people affected, can be found here.

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Air France flight with engine damage makes emergency landing in Canada

(Reuters) – An Air France flight from Paris to Los Angeles made an emergency landing in eastern Canada on Saturday after one of its four engines sustained “serious damage” over the Atlantic, the airline said.

Air France Flight 66, originating at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, landed at Goose Bay in Labrador at 1542 GMT, the airline said, and no one was hurt in the incident.

“The regularly trained pilots and cabin crew handled this serious incident perfectly,” the airline said in a statement.

The aircraft involved in the incident was an Airbus 380 that was about seven years old, according to airfleets.net, an aircraft database. The engine was made by Engine Alliance, a joint venture between General Electric Co and United Technologies Corp’s Pratt & Whitney unit.

The forced landing in Canada’s easternmost province is reminiscent of an incident seven years ago in which one of the Rolls Royce engines on a Qantas A380 suffered mid-engine damage after taking off in Singapore. The November 2010 incident prompted the grounding of the entire Qantas A380 fleet — six A380s at the time — for over three weeks.

Photographs taken by passengers aboard the Air France flight circulated on the internet soon after the aircraft landed. The images appeared to show that the inlet, or front part, of the engine had torn off, but the main part of the engine was intact.

Rick Engebretsen, one of the passengers, wrote a Twitter message saying he had heard a loud thud and felt vibration while in the air.

It was not immediately clear how the engine became damaged.

Airbus was not immediately available for comment. Engine Alliance said in a statement that it was looking into “reports of an issue” involving one of its engines.

Officials with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada could not immediately be reached for comment on Saturday.

The airline said it was making arrangements to send the plane’s passengers to their destination of Los Angeles.

Aircraft on trans-Atlantic flights commonly use Goose Bay Airport in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador for emergency fueling stops.

Reporting by Victoria Bryan in Berlin and Alex Dobuzinskis in Los Angeles; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama

Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Ruthless United States on brink of Presidents Cup golf win

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey (Reuters) – The International team’s Presidents Cup hopes were hanging by the slimmest of threads after the United States claimed six of eight matches in a cut-throat display on Saturday to sit on the brink of a seventh successive title.

Only a one-up victory by India’s Anirban Lahiri and South Korea’s Kim Si-woo over Kevin Chappell and Charley Hoffman denied the United States a sweep of the afternoon four-balls to put celebrations at a breezy Liberty National on hold.

It also kept the Internationals of suffering the ultimate embarrassment of watching the trophy claimed on a Saturday for the first time.

The United States have a commanding 14-1/2 to 3-1/2 lead and need just one point from Sunday’s 12 singles matches.

”We’ve just come up against a juggernaut of an American team that has not put a foot wrong,“ said International captain Nick Price. ”They have had all the momentum and we’ve had nothing.

”There’s an outside shot tomorrow and the guys all know that.

”They are going to go play for their pride, they are going to play for themselves, they are going to play for the team and they are going to play for us.

“You’re not going to be able to take the spirit away out from our team, that’s for sure.”

Despite failing to clinch, it was another ruthless performance from the U.S., who won three of four foursomes matches and halved the other then followed up by prevailing in three of the four-ball contests.

Sep 30, 2017; Jersey City, NJ, USA; Daniel Berger reacts after making a putt on the 16th hole during the fourth round four-ball matches of The President’s Cup golf tournament at Liberty National Golf Course. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The U.S. had looked poised to run the table on Saturday after Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed claimed a 2&1 decision over Australian Jason Day and South African Louis Oosthuizen, before Daniel Berger and Justin Thomas beat Venezuela’s Jhonattan Vegas and Japan’s Hideki Matsuyama 3&2.

Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka then secured a 3&2 victory over Australian Marc Leishman and South African Branden Grace before the spotlight fell on Chappell and Hoffman in the last match of the day.

With the Americans clinging to a one hole lead, Kim sent a charge through the chilled crowd when he drained a nervy seven-foot birdie putt at the 15th to leave the match all-square.

Lahiri rolled in a 16-foot birdie effort on the next hole to take the lead.

Chappell generously conceded a four-foot birdie to Lahiri at the last, handing the Internationals just their second match victory.

U.S. captain Steve Stricker sent out British Open champion Spieth and Reed first who overcame a rules blunder at the 12th that appeared to open the door for the Internationals.

With their match all-square Spieth was disqualified from completing the hole and denied an opportunity to match Day’s birdie putt when Oosthuizen’s eagle attempt scooted past the cup and he scooped up the ball before it had stopped.

The error allowed the Internationals to grab a one-up lead but in the end it proved only a minor setback as Spieth and Reed rallied with three birdies from the 15th to steal the point.

Spieth assured there will be no such complacency when they arrive at Liberty National on Sunday.

“Our goal is still to stay focused,” said Spieth. “It’s easy to get complacent with the way things are right now and it’s easy to come out tomorrow lazy.”

Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Sex robot that will also tell you jokes goes on sale for £3,500

Now there's a sex robot that will also tell you jokes
Meet Samantha (Picture: Facebook/Vibez Adult Boutique)

Forget a cheap laugh – if you don’t mind spending a bit of money for good comedy, you can invest in a sex robot.

Yes, the robots are already so advanced that they are no longer solely used for sexual activity.

Donkey tries to eat £220,000 McLaren supercar after mistaking it for a carrot

Samantha, who is now on sale at two sex shops in the UK, has two different settings – one is a family mode where the robot tells facts and jokes, while the other is a little less family-friendly.

It is on sale for £3,500 at Vibez Adult Boutique in Aylesford, Kent.

Vibez owner Tracey Whitmore said: ‘Samantha has different personalities and she has a family mode where she will be able to give facts about various things and talk about philosophy.

‘She can tell jokes and she can’t just accidentally go into sex mode.’

The shop only has one Samantha on sale but is taking orders and can deliver in six weeks.

She previously showed off her talents during a bizarre segment on This Morning.

Tracey said: ‘We have only had her two weeks now. We are an adult store so people aren’t going to call us for a family bot – they want a sex bot.

Now there's a sex robot that will also tell you jokes
Samantha has already appeared on This Morning alongside her ‘friend’ Arran Lee Squire (Picture: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

‘The people who buy these dolls are usually lonely people that are looking for companionship and something for a sexual purpose.

‘She appeals to couples who might want to experiment but don’t want the jealousy element.’

Samantha needs to be charged with a USB cable, and will be updated via an SD card that goes into her ‘brain’.

Tracey added: ‘Samantha will be ever-evolving and she will be getting better and better.’

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Hurricane Maria power outage puts old, vulnerable at risk in Puerto Rico

MAYAGUEZ, Puerto Rico (Reuters) – Few people in Puerto Rico have suffered more from the devastation of Hurricane Maria than the elderly and the infirm.

Isolated from their families due to phone blackouts, short of fuel and water and at the mercy of nationwide power cuts, the old and those in need of care have seen their problems multiply since Maria shattered basic infrastructure across the U.S. island.

Elevators, dialysis machines and a host of life-saving medical devices no longer offer the same guarantees because rationing of resources has forced hundreds and thousands of people to adjust to days whose effective span falls well short of 24 hours.

Hooked up to a ventilator during the day, Adeline Vazquez needs an artificial oxygen supply to cope with severe respiratory problems, but her building in the western city of Mayaguez does not have the fuel to run a generator 24 hours.

“I‘m a ticking time bomb on the verge of exploding,” the 53-year-old said with a laugh as she rasped through the ventilator in a housing block she shares with about 60 other people.

Federal and municipal authorities have vowed to step up distribution of essential supplies, but long lines for fuel and cash still snaked around main roads of the city on Friday.

Every night since Maria downed power cables across the island of 3.4 million people, Vazquez has faced the possibility of running out of oxygen when the electricity goes off in her building after 10 p.m.

“The electricity needs to come back on,” she said on a bed beneath two still fans and sign reading “loving you” on the wall. “Then I could have the machine to let me breathe. Because the worry is you’ll end up like a fish that jumps out of the fish tank. It’s like crossing the Niagara by bicycle every day.”

One floor down from Vazquez, Santos Medina rested his head on his left hand as he sat in a rusted wheelchair, empty medicine vials strewn on the table at his elbow. Legally blind and suffering from diabetes and hepatitis B, he has had both legs amputated in the last two years

Medina, 64, said he needed kidney dialysis three times a week. After Maria, he failed to go for treatment for an entire week for the first time, in part because it had become exhausting and too difficult.

Water shortages were interfering with dialysis and forced the local hospital to pare back the time it could provide it, he said, and fuel bottlenecks had made it harder to get buses to see specialists.

Since Maria killed phone lines, Medina had not had contact with his sister Josefa, who lives about 30 minutes away.

“We have no idea what is going on, no kind of information,” he said. “Nothing.”

Downstairs, residents asked for news and were eager to hear how the U.S. media was portraying the island’s plight.

“We’re stranded here,” said Rosario Morales, 65. “No one (from the government) has come to give us any aid. Not even to know if we’re alive here.”

Nevertheless, there were some signs of progress in Mayaguez. In contrast to the capital San Juan, several sets of traffic lights were working again on the outskirts of town.

One Mayaguez retirement home had even managed to turn off its diesel generator and was being supplied by the state power utility, said building administrator Edward Silva.

“We’ve had 24 hours without interruption,” he said.

Maria’s heavy rains brought flooding that damaged the 13-storey building’s lifts, creating problems for residents to get downstairs, said one of them, Maria Dolores Mattei.

Mattei, 70, had been stranded in Houston several weeks ago by Hurricane Harvey. After four flight cancellations, she got a ticket to Fort Lauderdale just as Hurricane Irma hit Florida, and her flight was diverted again.

Then came Maria, which still rattles residents whenever the wind and the rain whip up outside the home, she said.

“It was horrible,” Mattei said. “I don’t even want to think about it.”

Reporting by Dave Graham; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn

Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Eden Hazard and PSG lead well-wishers offering support to Lille fans injured after barrier collapse at Amiens

Eden Hazard and Paris Saint-Germain led the well-wishers offering their support to the Lille fans injured when a barrier collapsed during their Ligue 1 clash with Amiens on Saturday evening.

The match was abandoned after just 15 minutes at the 12,000 capacity Stade de la Licorne in northern France.

The collapse occurred as visiting fans celebrated Fodo Ballo-Toure scoring the game’s opening goal.

Dozens of supporters fell nearly two metres down to pitch level after the barrier gave way, leaving 20 supporters injured, with three taken to hospital – although that number may rise.

The clash between the two northern French sides was subsequently abandoned 45 minutes after the incident.

Supporters fall as their tribune falls down

Medics care for an injured supporter

Members of the stadium staff stand by the stadium barrier that collapsed

French police officers and members of the stadium staff gather to help Lille supporters

French police officers and members of the stadium staff gather to help LOSC’s supporters

The match delegate, Noel Mannino, said: “In light of the events, and given the fact that about 20 were injured, three of them seriously, it has been decided that the game would not resume.”

Lille players would return after the event to offer thanks to fans who had remained in the stands, waiting to be evacuated.

Lille CEO Marc Ingla released a statement after the game declaring: “I would first like to have a very strong thought for our supporters and specifically for the injured. I hope with all my heart that they are well. We are waiting for more precise information. All energy and good thoughts must now go to them.

“Tonight we also have the right to ask about the organizational and safety conditions proposed by the stadium and the Amiens club. We are quite disturbed, we are counting on the LFP so that responsibilities are identified for the victims of this accident and so that this can not happen again. It’s pretty incredible that this type of accident can happen today.

“Moreover, it seems that the President of Amiens SC lacked lucidity and has rushed in his statements. Professional football demands a certain number of organizational requirements, and in this context, these statements seem inappropriate and irresponsible.

“Our fans and our clubs are the victims of the events of the evening.”

Ingla’s statement is critical of Amiens officials

Lille players greet fans who wait to be evacuated after the safety barrier collapse

Wounded supporters are evacuated after the horrible scenes

Eden Hazard in action for Lille
Eden Hazard in action for Lille

Home side Amiens tweeted after the match: “Our hearts are with the injured. We hope they are not very seriously hurt.”

Chelsea star Hazard offered his thoughts on social media, having previously played for Lille.

The Belgian international came through Les Dogues’ youth system before shining in their first team, for whom he starred during their 2010-11 Ligue 1 success.

In all, Hazard made 194 appearances for the French side, scoring 50 goals. He tweeted: “Courage to all the wounded Lille fans….a big thought for you. # dogueunjourdoguetoujours”

Former Leeds midfielder Olivier Dacourt responded to Lille’s tweet confirming the game had been cancelled, declaring: “Big thoughts to you and your supporters. Courage”

The pair was joined by a host of French teams who offered their support, including the likes of PSG, Monaco and Bordeaux.

“Thoughts for @losclive and the supporters wounded tonight in Amiens” said a tweet from French league leaders PSG, who had beaten Bordeaux 6-2 earlier in the day.

“Tonight all our thoughts are with the @losclive supporters injured in Amiens” read a tweet from Bordeaux.

Saint-Etienne declared: “You have our full support”.

Last season’s French title winners Monaco said: “All our thoughts are with Lille supporters injured in the incident that occurred this evening. We’re with you”.

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