The English Premier League have confirmed the 2019-20 season will start on August 10 with the summer transfer Deadline Day to take place on August 8.
The EPL also announced a 5 pm deadline as the window closes, ahead of the season starting for the second straight year.
Premier League clubs agreed to change the rule in September 2017, to close the window on the Thursday at 5 pm, before any league campaign starts.
Just five clubs, including Manchester City and Manchester United, voted against last year’s move to bring Deadline Day forward to before the league started.
At the time of the change, Premier League chairman Richard Scudamore said: “Most important was the integrity of the competition between each other.
“When the 20 are playing each other [it was wrong] you could have a person in your team one week and be playing against him the next, or worse the player not playing because of speculation about him going to another Premier League team so he’s not available for a week or two of the season while the window is open.
“Those were the issues most of the clubs arguing in favour were using, that once the season has started we should know that we can’t possibly sell to another Premier League club.”


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