Rain or shine, glow season never stops. Highlighter fanatics, unite. This one’s for my fellow dark-skin beauties who are looking for new highlighters to add to their collection. I don’t discriminate when it comes to highlighters. However, lately, I’ve been super into layering cream and liquid formulas. They deliver a different type of glow, and I swear the sparkle is a little brighter than powder-based formulas. It’s best to layer liquid- and cream-based highlighters on top of wet formulas, like liquid foundation and concealer.

More and more brands are launching highlighters in stick and pot forms. These are wildly convenient for a few reasons. For one, you can easily blend and apply them with your fingers, no brushes necessary. Secondly, they’re magical multitaskers, allowing you to tap them wherever you see fit for a healthy glow. Liquid-based highlighters are also great for mixing in with your foundation or doubling as body highlighters, and don’t forget about that décolletage. For dark skin tones, you can literally wear any shade of highlighter. I lean on champagne, bronze, and rose-gold hues the most. Here are the best cream- and liquid-based highlighters for dark skin that are permanent fixtures on my makeup vanity these days.


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