The 10 Products Victoria Beckham Won’t Travel Without

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She may be a fashion designer at large, but it’s no secret Victoria Beckham has an affinity for beauty, too. She’s not shy about it either. Follow her on Instagram and you’ll see that it’s not uncommon for her to share inside looks at her evolving skincare and makeup routine. That’s all well and good when she’s staying put in her London or Cotswolds homes, but what about when she travels? What are the few beauty products she deems worthy enough to pack up in a bag and bring with her throughout her international travels? (We don’t know about you, but we’re never more aware of the fact that we play favorites than when we’re short on space in our carry-on and we have to decide between a toner and a face mask). 

The multi-hyphenate celebrity finally indulged us yesterday when she talked her cool 24.8 million followers through her travel beauty stash. (In true Posh Spice style, she uses a Hermes pouch in lieu of a traditional makeup bag). The lineup includes a few old favorites that we already knew VB was privy to, along with some new products we hadn’t heard of before. 


I’m traveling today and I’m going to talk you through everything that I’ve got in my wash bag,” Beckham begins. The first two products she pulls from her bag are a shampoo and conditioner, respectively from celebrity hairstylist and colorist Josh Wood. 


The shampoo and conditioner come in two different forms—one is specifically formulated for blonde hair and the other is specifically formulated for brunette hair. The brunette version, which is the one VB uses, is formulated with UV filters to keep color looking fresh, as well as turmeric for a strong and glossy effect. (As you already know, Beckham’s sleek lob is always super shiny.)

“It’s very important to find a clean shampoo and conditioner,” Beckham said. “What I love about Josh Wood product is that it is natural, there is no sulfate in it, and it does still get very foamy and soapy which is great… and the conditioner is incredible.” 


Beckham’s next two products belong to the very same skincare brand called Cosmedix. It seems she was recommended this brand by celebrity facialist and skincare expert Melanie Grant, whom Beckham visited while on a family vacation in Australia last year.


She starts with the brand’s Purity Solution, which is a deep cleansing oil. It effectively removes dirt, makeup, and toxins (it also works wonders on stubborn eye makeup).


The next product in Beckham’s travel skincare routine is the brand’s Purity Clean. It’s an exfoliating cleanser made with lactic acid to slough away dead skin, tea tree oil to balance and clarify the skin, and peppermint essential oil to cool and calm the skin. Beckham makes particular mention of the latter, saying the peppermint makes her skin feel amazing.


After pulling out a plastic bag full of capsules (“take your vitamin tablets wherever you go”), VB turns to the next product in her travel bag, which is a box of cotton swabs. “I love a good Q-Tip,” she shares. “Great for taking off eye makeup, so I always travel with a little box.”

We agree. Sometimes stubborn eye makeup will stay amongst the lashes and folds of the eye despite makeup wipes and cleansers doing their best to remove it. That’s when we reach for a cotton swab. We dip it into a makeup remover (whether a micellar water, coconut oil, or something similar) and gently wiggle it back and forth at the lash line. It removes every single trace of mascara, eyeliner, and lash glue that might have been left behind from the initial cleansing process. 


Next up is a bathroom staple: toothpaste. Just like how VB uses a Hermes pouch in lieu of a traditional makeup bag, she opts for a fancy toothpaste over any regular drugstore variety. It’s called Marvis, and it’s an Italian dental care company that comes packaged as if it were a fancy hand cream (it’s the definition of ‘elevated basics’). “This is quite a posh toothpaste but I think it’s the best toothpaste,” Beckham says. 



Then, Beckham removes a little white sachet from the bag; it’s her go-to beauty supplement, called Skinade. “My Skinade, which I make sure I take everyday. It comes in bottles you can keep in the fridge and it also comes in these handy little travel packets,” she says. 

Skinade is a collagen supplement that comes in a natural peach and mangosteen flavor. The brand promises it will restore the skin’s natural collagen, leading to healthier, plumper, and smoother skin with continued use. Seeing as it’s $150 for a 30-day supply, we’re going to go ahead and say it’s one of the more expensive beauty supplements money can buy. 


“Sunblock. Don’t forget your sunblock. Even when it’s not sunny you should be wearing a sunblock every single day,” Beckham so-wisely says. Her sunscreen of choice is from Melanie Grant’s namesake skincare line. Unfortunately it’s not readily available online. Instead, let us recommend a sunscreen we love—this one from La Roche-Posay, which is thin, lightweight, non-greasy, and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. 


Beckham is really a beauty buff after our own hearts, seeing as she packs an individual sheet mask in her bag. She loves this hydrating one from Sarah Chapman (another skincare expert and brand she swears by). “I’ve got my favorite mask, which is a Sarah Chapman sheet mask. 3-D moisture mask, which  really is incredible; you see the difference immediately after using this.” We’re guessing that’s because of the mask’s hydrating rose water and hyaluronic acid, coupled with the included brightening eye covers.



The final product that Beckham stashes away in her bag before taking off…



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