The 15 Products We’ve Used for Over 2 Years (at Least)

The 15 Products We've Used for Over 2 Years (at Least)

Extolling the magic of new-to-us beauty products is one of our favorite things to do here at Byrdie HQ (which is lucky considering swiping and swatching the endless array of products we receive is all in a day’s work). Between hair products, makeup, and skincare, we even designate separate columns at the end of each month to share all of our freshest finds. However, that’s not to say we abandon our arsenal of old faithfuls—the holy-grail formulas we’ve deemed virtually irreplaceable over the years. Confession: No matter how many new products we try (and maybe even like or love), we still steadfastly remain monogamous with 90% of our product regimen—the contents of which oftentimes remain unaltered for years—be it two, five, or even 12. (Yep, some of us still use some of the same product we discovered back in middle school.)

Although the brand-new year (hello, 2019!) often beckons brand-new everything—trends, travel plans, workouts, intentions, work goals, and yes, even beauty routines—we’re pretty positive the products we’ve used forever will continue their reign as dominant fixtures on our vanities and in our makeup bags. After all, if we haven’t found something better, why would we replace the dry shampoos, mascaras, and perfumes that have collectively earned us scores of compliments, inquiries, and photo-taking good fortune over the years? Ahead, a neatly compiled lineup of unbeatable beauty products Byrdie editors have used and loved for eons without feeling the need to replace them. Keep scrolling!


Number of Years Used: Three

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to quit this cleanser. It’s been three years and counting since I broke open my first balmy, buttery pot. I’ve tried others over the years but always come right back to this one every time. In fact, I keep samples of it around in every pocket, drawer, and bag I come into contact with—just in case. The formula helps improve circulation, open your pores, cleanse, exfoliate, and tone your skin all in the amount of time it takes to massage it into your face. The blend of essential oils—chamomile, eucalyptus, and clove—work to melt away dirt, oil, debris, and makeup all the while smelling like a spa. It’s perfect.”


Number of Years Used: Four

“This scent has undoubtedly become my signature. I’ve worn it every day over the last four years. I’m quite partial to warm, woody scents with a little bit of spice. I like Santal Blush because it has all those things—warm sandalwood and spicy cinnamon with a hint of floral. It’s inherently sultry in a makeout-by-the-fire kind of way with a burst of lightness, something a bit fresher than Le Labo’s Santal 33, my other favorite. (I’m a sandalwood girl. What can I say?) This one wraps around my body like a cashmere blanket each time I give it a spritz, and I don’t feel as much like myself with any other fragrance.”


Number of Years Used: Six

“This is a perfect blue-red shade. Trust me—I’ve done the research. It’s slightly darker than fire engine but a true, gorgeous, velvety red that envelops your lips in the most classic of ways. I have gotten more compliments on it than I can count since I first tried it six years ago. The formula is matte but not entirely drying (sometimes I’ll apply a bit of balm on top to keep things moisturized if I want it to stay especially long), and because it’s a pencil, it’s really easy to apply precisely. Is there anything more powerful-feeling than an immaculately applied red lip? In my world, the answer to that is no.”


Number of Years Used: Three

“Renée’s toning cloths are one of the products I get most excited to restock, even though they’re literally just pads you use to apply toner, rose water, micellar water, etc. They are so superior to cotton pads, it’s crazy. They make sure all the product actually makes it to your skin instead of getting absorbed in the pad. Plus, they don’t leave little fibers all over your face like little cotton rounds do. I’ll literally never use anything else to apply toner ever again.”


Number of Years Used: Six

“When my hair gets so greasy that I think it’s beyond repair, I always come back to this classic pick I’ve been using since college. Sure, there are dry shampoos that go on finer and don’t smell as distinctive, but this is the only one that really soaks up oil effectively for me and makes my hair look truly clean.”


Number of Years Used: Five

“Tom Ford’s cream eye shadow may give you sticker shock ($46!), but it’s quite simply my favorite one on the market. Its lightweight, blendable texture makes it effortless to apply, it stays put for hours (but doesn’t completely dry down), and comes in shades I literally want to wear every day, like Opale, a bright white, and Sphinx, a multidimensional rosy orange. (Whenever I wear the latter, compliments literally flood in.)”


Number of Years Used: Two 

I’ve used this juicy raspberry-hued lip balm for just about two years now, and I can’t really remember what life was like without it. I always have one on hand, and it’s one of the few makeup products I’ll use on an otherwise makeup-free face. (It’s just that natural-looking.) Wherever, whenever, I’ll give it a quick swipe, rub my lips together, and I’m instantly left with a plumped, moisturized, just-bitten flush. Plus, you can’t really beat Tata Harper’s signature organic, botanical-based ingredient lists.


Number of Years Used: Four

I actually first tried this under-eye brightening powder from Laura Mercier when I was an intern at Byrdie, and it’s remained a steadfast must-have in my routine ever since. (I’ve even gotten my 70-year-old mom hooked!) Also, for what it’s worth, my initial discovery was roughly four years ago, and I only just purchased my second container. A little goes a long way (obviously), which I appreciate, and nothing brightens yet simultaneously rebuffs concealer creasing quite like this magical pixie dust. When I realized I had reached the end of my stash the other week, I completely panicked because it’s one of those makeup products I completely rely on to achieve a flawless finish.


Number of Years Used: Four

I have a rich and complicated history where self-tanner is concerned, and while I’ve slowly weaned myself off 24/7 reliance (yes, I had a little bit of an addiction), I’m convinced a top-tier bronzing mousse will always be at the forefront of my beauty collection. I’ve always loved St. Tropez (the brand is an industry favorite for a reason), but this customizable express formula has been my favorite ever since it debuted back when I was a senior in college. I love that you only have to wear it for a few hours in order to achieve a super-dark base (my preference), and I also appreciate that it lasts a good week, doesn’t flake or scale off, and looks amazingly natural—even at its darkest. While I pretty much try a new self-tanning formula every other week, I always find myself coming back to this one.


Number of Years Used: 12

I have a lengthy obsession with mascaras, but I can honestly say I have used this best-selling tube (in the shade Very Black) from Covergirl since eighth grade when I first started wearing mascara. It delivers length volume, and curl, and perhaps most importantly, in my eyes anyway, it doesn’t flake, smudge, or weigh my long, super-straight eyelashes down. I buy a fresh tube every other month or so, and I don’t know what I would do without it. I love to layer my mascara formulas, and this one is never not in my rotation.


Number of Years Used: Three

“This all-natural, palo santo–scented hair oil is the only thing I use, applying it diligently to my lightened ends several times a week. With clear jojoba oil as its hero ingredient, this option is strategically anchored by other heavy hitters like vitamin E, ayahuasca vine sacred plant essence (which apparently has both medicinal and strengthening properties), and the mind- and spirit-lifting likes of lavender, rosemary, and the aforementioned notes of palo santo.”


Number of Years Used: Two

“The improvements I saw in mere days after I first used this product two years ago were subtle in and of themselves: the sort of thing I typically notice when I’ve spent a little too much time with my magnifying mirror. But they’ve all amalgamated to a very obvious boost to my overall complexion. The teeny whispers of forehead lines that I had started to notice dissolved entirely. The stubborn acne scar on my chin disappeared within a week. There’s an overall brightness to my skin that has edged me from using minimal foundation to ditching it altogether.”


Number of Years Used: Three

“It is tough to find a nude lip liner that actually matches. Most are too light for my natural rosebud hue or don’t blend well or all of the above. But the name Lip Cheat really says it all. I just apply a little whisper of it to my Cupid’s bow to give my pout a little extra oomph, and no one has to be the wiser. It’s also worth noting that it stays put for hours!”


Number of Years Used: Four

“As a burgeoning beauty fanatic, I’d watch countless YouTube makeup tutorials and was fascinated by the Beautyblender. I got a chance to go to IMATS as a young intern and was starstruck by the Beautyblender table (if one could be starstruck by a product) and made my first purchase. Since that day, I’ve used nothing but a Beautyblender to apply my foundation. I squirrel them away in my closet at home in fear of them ever being discontinued. Though, I’m sure the beauty world would erupt in a fierce panic if that were the case. “


Number of Years Used: Four

“Ah, the OG Naked palette. There’s nothing that quite compares to its highly pigmented, beautifully blendable prowess. Given my pale skin and pink undertones, not many eye shadow shades look good on me except beiges, taupes, and bronzes, so I’ve leaned on this palette for years to create my signature contoured eye look. I start with Sidecar on the lids and then add definition to the bone with a mixture of Buck and Darkhorse. I’ll probably tap a bit of Virgin or Sin into the inner corners of my eyes too for a little more glimmer.”


Number of Years Used: 10+

“I live and die by this foundation. It’s only $8, and it works perfectly with my combination skin. In fact, as the day wears on and I get slightly oilier, the product starts to melt perfectly into my complexion and looks better than when I first applied it that morning. I also love how full-coverage it is without looking cakey and how well it lasts throughout the day. I can even blow my nose and have the product still be intact.”

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