The Best Clean Beauty Products, According to a Model

The Best Clean Beauty Products, According to a Model

BYRDIE: How would you describe your beauty aesthetic? 

Braina Laviena: “I like to approach beauty in the easiest, no-fuss way: simple, clean, natural. I normally don’t wear too much makeup, so I focus on keeping my skin looking good with nothing on it.”

BYRDIE: Would you say your beauty tastes are constantly evolving?

BL: “Absolutely! I think as I grow older, I am more confident in being 100% myself and not needing to hide behind anything. That confidence also makes me more daring with beauty. For example, when I was younger, I would wear lots of bronzer to contour my face; I never do that anymore! I don’t even know when it happened, but it just felt like I was okay with my face looking how it looks and I didn’t need to ‘shape’ it into something else. Now I experiment with color for the fun aspect, not because I’m trying to camouflage anything.”

BYRDIE: So, walk us through each of these products and why you love them.

BL: All of the brands shown here, I discovered through Instagram. The one I’m wearing above is the Ilia Lipstick in Wild Child. I love this lipstick mainly because it’s sheer, but easily buildable. I like a soft stain, so I do a couple of swipes and then touch my lips and pat my cheeks with the excess. I also use on my eyelids occasionally. I also really love the metal packaging; I tend to gravitate towards products that are not packaged with a lot of plastic. 

It is very hard to find specifically red lipsticks that are fully vegan as well as clean, because a lot of them contain either beeswax or carmine (this Ilia one contains beeswax). After I finish this, I am curious to try Ere Perez olive oil lipstick which is fully vegan, as well as clean and doubles as a moisturizing lip balm, or Elate lipstick, which not only is clean and vegan, but comes in minimal packaging made with bamboo.”


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