It’s no secret that we’re big fans of J-beauty here at Byrdie HQ. With amazing brands like Koh Gen Do, Shiseido, and SK-II available to us, how could we not be? Plus, we love the ideology behind Japanese beauty and skincare. It’s all about “fewer steps and greater intention,” according to Shiseido’s Frances Grant. That’s something that we can definitely get behind, and we wanted to learn more. To do so, we talked to Rola, a Japanese model, to get the inside scoop on her everyday skincare routine.

Rola is an icon. That’s evident from her five million followers on Instagram. In addition to having a successful modeling career, she’s also a TV host, actress, and even an author, so it’s no wonder she’s gained such a following. The 28-year-old also happens to have incredible skin. Fortunately for us, she didn’t hold back on revealing her tips for achieving a stunning complexion. Read on to learn just how she does it.


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