Hello, my name is Amanda, and I am tired. I don’t recall exactly when fatigue became such a constant and loyal little friend of mine, but for the past 15 years at least, I have devoted much of my life to figuring out how to feel less tired, and when that doesn’t work, I focus my attention on at least how to look less tired. For this reason, under-eye concealer and I have a lot of history.

As a beauty editor, I have nailed down exactly what I’m looking for in an under-eye concealer. This is different than what I’m looking for in, say, a foundation or a spot concealer to cover blemishes or discoloration. When it comes to camouflaging my weary, cadaver-esque, so-purple-they’re-almost-black dark circles, I’m interested in a few key features: The concealer must be actively hydrating (because my under-eye skin is so delicate and dry), smooth and blendable (again, the dryness), buildable (so I can go from light coverage on the days when I somehow look semi-alive to full-coverage on the days when I wake up undead), and natural-looking (like human skin, so I can wear just some under-eye concealer, brow gel, and a lip stain and trick people into thinking I rolled out of bed that way).

I have tried around 100 concealers in my day, but for my under-eyes, these are the only 10 I really, really stand by. Are you tired? Cool. Keep scrolling to see what to buy to look like you’re not.


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