If you’re like us, an airbrushed foundation application immediately brings to mind swirling images of I Dos, HD news anchors, red carpets,movie stars, and other professional photo and video opps. Which, to be honest, feels a little intimidating. Of course, we would love to have the flawless finish said events and subjects necessitate or wear, but the mere idea of mastering the art and application of airbrush foundations has us balking at the least and running for the hills at the most. Are we alone here?

The airbrush technique has been around for decades (fun fact, airbrush makeup was first used in 1955 Hollywood on the actors of Ben Hur), and yet airbrush foundations still have a firm foothold within the makeup industry. And lately, our curiosity has been getting the better of us. Which airbrush foundations are the best? We did the research to find the eight formulas offering the most pristine, non-detectable finishes at the most feasible of dollar amounts. Keep scrolling. Flawless, airbrushed complexions await. 


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