There’s no age-limit on a haircut. Anyone, of any age, can and should wear their hair however they please. With that being said, it’s common for women over 40 to commit to a shorter haircut. Why is that? Hair is personal and unique, so it’s probably different for everybody. However, we have a few theories.

Our first theory is that short hair often translates to less time spent shampooing, conditioning, drying, and styling. It means less weight, less static, and less flyaways—and often less product. It might even mean less damage. Aside from the time and effort factor, there’s just something emotionally freeing about chopping off your hair. For many women, this means rebelling against a false perception that long hair is somehow more feminine or more youthful (that perception, by the way, is purely and utterly ridiculous, and there are many celebrities proving that through their short and chic haircuts). Keep scrolling to see our 15 favorites, from Victoria Beckham to Jada Pinkett Smith.


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