The allure of lengthy, voluminous lashes is one that isn’t forecasted to die down anytime in the near future. In fact, they date back to Ancient Rome when sky-high flutters were deemed a sign of having high moral standards. Then, in 19th century Europe, women began threading their lashes to their eyelids to achieve maximum height (ouch). As a more practical (and safer) solution, chemist Thomas Williams made Cake Mascara, inspired by his sister Mabel who applied Vaseline and coal dust to her lashes to lift and tint them (the brand would later be called Maybelline). Since then, we’ve made extreme headway in the lash-enhancing department with semi-permanent treatments like lash lifts, tints, and extensions, but there’s nothing like the simplicity and ease of a traditional inky mixture and corresponding curling wand to make your steepest lash dreams come true. Mascara: it’s our desert-island product.

Still unsure which tube is best for you? We’ve touched on the best wands for your lash type, but it’s important to also be able to decipher between the various formulas. Below, we’ve outlined every type.


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